Faith in Action Project

The project

SCM’s Faith in Action Project with Project Bonhoeffer aims to enable students and recent graduates to put their faith into action by reflecting on their work and life in light of their faith.

The first stage

For the first three years of the project, we employed two interns each year who focused on a particular justice issue of their choice through a placement in a charity, business or social enterprise.

In its first stage, the Faith in Action project had a real impact. We were challenged to think differently about our response to issues such as human trafficking, the difficulties faced by asylum seekers, young offenders and the youth justice system, global poverty, mental health and food waste. We were invited to think theologically about how our faith influences the action we take when we’re faced with situations of injustice, and we shared in the reflections of the Faith in Action interns through their blogs and articles in these pages.

The second stage

In the next phase of the Faith in Action project, we want to open up these experiences to everyone in the movement. With our partners, Project Bonhoeffer, we want to help students to understand Bonhoeffer’s approach to faith, and explore the meaning of Christian Discipleship today. We want to build up students and give them the skills and confidence to challenge the structures of injustice and be leaders of social and political transformation. To do this we are working to create resources, run events and workshops, and provide opportunities for our members and groups to put their faith into action.

Ruth Wilde joined the staff team in August 2015, taking up the post of Faith in Action Project Worker. Ruth worked with our local groups and individual members to enable them to think creatively about faith, injustice and action. Ruth left SCM in December 2017 to become National Coordinator of Inclusive Church, meaning that SCM will now move to a third stage in the project.

The third stage

Watch this space.

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