Refugees Campaign

From 2015 to 2017, SCM is partnering with STAR (Student Action for Refugees) on the Equal Access campaign. We are encouraging students to get involved with this campaign and other campaigning on refugees, like the Christian Aid 'write to your paper' action (see more below). 

The campaign

The Equal Access campaign aims to change the law so that access to education for asylum seekers is the same as for UK students, with loans and grants available to them. The campaign has been running since 2008 and already several universities have agreed to redirect their bursary allocations to asylum seekers.

What you can do:

  • Your SCM group can pledge support for the Equal Access campaign. Just download the Pledge and send it back to the team at STAR.
  • Before 2011, refugees who came to the UK as minors were able to go through the education system with the same rights as British citizens. Get your group to write to the Minister of State for Universities and Science, asking them to take immediate action to reverse the changes to the law.
  • Do you have a local STAR group at your university? You can search here. If you do, a good place to start would be to get in touch with them and arrange to campaign together.
  • All the information you need to run a campaign on Equal Access is in this campaign guide. Get your group or your committee to read through this together and start planning.

Other refugee campaigning:

Christian Aid have an excellent action on their website which you can do with your SCM group or church. Write to your local paper and change the story on refugees in the media. For more on the campaign, click here.

If you want to do something else for refugees, there are many different things you can do. Have a look at our Refugee Action-Reflection Card here and get Ruth to come and run a workshop on the refugee campaign with your group- you may find that you discern how you can help as a group during the workshop!

Why refugees?
What's the reality for most refugees and asylum seekers coming to the UK? Why are we campaigning for refugee rights?
Resources & Events
Find out more about how to support refugees, discover resources and details about events.