Regions Appeal

The Aim

SCM's ultimate vision is that every student can find a vibrant, open and inclusive Christian community where they can explore faith and be inspired to put that faith into action. We believe that this can only happen by working at the grassroots - on campuses and in colleges - across the length and breadth of Britain.

We have been doing life-changing work with students and graduates for over a century. From the early days of 'travelling secretaries' to now, we have been creating communities of like-minded young people and equipping them to put their faith into action by seeking justice and celebrating diversity.

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Where are we now?

For the last decade, SCM has been covering the whole of Britain with only a handful of central staff but through the Regions Appeal we aim to get staff on the ground in key regions. Thanks to the generosity of trusts, churches and individuals, we already have Rach Collins working across the North West, Emma Temple in the North East, Rob Chivers in the Midlands and Caitlin Wakefield in Scotland. So far, we have secured a massive 80% of the funding needed to sustain this work and to reach out to new areas of the UK in 2020. This is incredible, and we are so grateful to our generous Friends, supporters and Link Churches, and to the Trusts, that have supported our work financially.

What's Next?

Recruiting a Regional Development Worker for the South and securing continuation funding for the Regional Project so that the excellent work done in the regions continues past the 2019/20 academic year.

What can I do?

There are loads of ways that you can help with fundraising for the Regions Appeal:

  • Make a donation or set up a monthly Direct Debit

  • Tell your friends and congregations about the work we do

  • Invite a speaker to address your congregation 

  • Hold a fundraising event for us!

SCM has been making an impact on students’ lives for well over a century. Liz, a student in Edinburgh, says:

“Joining SCM was like finally finding a spiritual home. It was one of the first times that I had found a group of Christians willing to discuss difficult, and sometimes contentious ideas, without an attempt to find a ‘right’ answer at the end of it.”

A Friend of SCM, who was at Cambridge between 1957 and 1960, recently joined us at an event in Glasgow. He told us that:

“SCM shaped who I was as a student and who I have been for my whole life. I believe it is doing the same for the young people I met at this Gathering”

Will you help us continue the great work of the movement for the next generation of students?

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