This section contains resources for groups, churches and chaplaincies. Whether you are looking for ideas for next term's programme, or you need a last minute easy-to-run workshop or some worship material for a service then look no further...

We like the idea of Creative Commons so feel free to download, share, remix, reuse SCM resources. Please let us know what works and what you have found helpful! 

SCM resources are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

Creative Commons License

Book a Faith in Action or training workshop for your group.
Group Resources
Resources you can download, read and use for your local group - including how-to guides and our Little Book of Icebreakers!
Our weekly devotionals explore stories and ideas from the Bible, giving students the space to read, reflect and act on the Word of God.
Prayer and Worship
Prayer and worship resources that have been used at SCM gatherings and events, and by SCM groups, over the last few years.
Bible Studies
We have gathered together some of the Bible studies that have been used at SCM gatherings and events, and commissioned for our year themes, over the last few years.
Interested in delving a bit deeper into some thematic issues? Looking for a reflection to use during prayer, Bible study or worship? Something to start a discussion or a debate?
Speaker ideas for your group in every region!
Church & Chaplaincy Resources
Students in a church
Find resources, case studies and tips on effective student outreach.
Look at film lists on different themes.