Colouring and Drawing: Prayer Activity

You'll need:

  • Paper
  • Colouring pens or pencils


Start with a blank piece of paper each and some coloured pens or pencils. Begin by drawing circles on the paper. They can overlap, or not - leave it up to the participants.

In the circles, write words to represent situations, or names of people that you want to pray for.

As you reflect, colour in the circles or loops. At the end you will have a colourful piece of artwork and you will have prayed & meditated!


Place some pictures or objects around the room to represent a theme - for example, for a prayer activity focussed on the refugee crisis you could use newspaper cuttings or pairs of shoes to symbolise the journey that refugees have gone on. Give people time to spend a few moments looking at the images or objects before drawing.

Resource type: 
Prayer and Liturgy
Resource theme: 
Christian Faith
Encountering God