Daily Bread Campaign Action

SCM’s Daily Bread campaign has focused on food poverty in the UK, starting with our launch event in November and following up with workshops in local groups. Now it’s time to take action!

We’ve learned about the experiences of people living in food poverty, as well as researching the causes and structures that lead to food poverty being such a massive problem in the UK, and our calling as Christians to take action. Campaigns like Marcus Rashford’s have brought the issue to light, especially during the pandemic, and so we’re adding the voices of SCM members to calls for equality and justice.

Download the resource below for two simple actions you can take with your SCM group. Make sure you let us know which action you do, and what response you get. If you’d like us to help you with your campaign just get in touch with us on scm@movement.org.uk or message us directly.

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Workshop Outline
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Social Justice