Do It All For The Glory Of God

Bible passage

1 Corinthians 10: 31


This verse is about people putting purity laws before human interaction, but Paul also reminds the Corinthians to be mindful of not troubling the conscience of a weaker brother.

What Paul had learnt from being knocked down from his high horse (literally!) was that boundary rules are dangerous, they kill and hurt, they got Jesus killed. Here we see him worrying that the Corinthians are getting things all mangled up and using their life in Christ as an excuse to make themselves up to be better than everyone else.

It is not just about food, when we apply this advice to our life today, it is about everything. As the people who have chosen in baptism to follow Christ as discipleship we are not called to keep our hands clean, but rather we are called to transform everything we do in light of our Kingdom identity and by doing so become an example to the world of what real humanity looks like. But of course no matter how confident we are that we can transform the mundane into an opportunity we also need to make sure we don’t make our way the only way, and that whatever we do is not just loving God but also being mindful of our neighbours.

Practical action

It is very easy to trouble people who grew up with strict boundaries whilst exercising the freedom we have in God through Christ.

When we witness to the liberation of the Gospel we must be do so in love. If you find yourself protesting against oppression, do so in love and being mindful that for the Christian there is no “other”, and there is no contest against those who are further back on the path of becoming truly human.

When we associate with fellow people of faith whose observance is stricter, we must not use that against them just to mark a boundary, but rather help them along the way.


Abba, you have reconciled everyone to yourself through Christ. Erase the walls we raise in our hands, protect us from knee-jerk reactions, and bless all that we say and do in Christ Jesus for the sake of your Kingdom. Amen.

This devotional was written by Simone Ramacci, an SCM Member and the Science and Religion Portfolio holder on General Council. Sign up to recieve SCM devotionals straight to your inbox.