A New Way To Live

Jesus is at the border. He is on the edge, in a place where identities are blurred. It is not clear who is an insider and who is an outsider.

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Creation and rest

"So on the seventh day God rested from all the work he had done."

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Returning to the Roots of Faith

The Psalms have been at the heart of Jewish and Christian devotion. They reflect every human experience and, as it were, allow us to talk about it before and with God. Here we start off with a sense of gratitude. Things have not been going too well, with even death a possibility (v.3).

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The Awesome Staying Power of God

Isaiah 40 describes God’s call of ‘the prophet’ who, though some Christian interpretation asserts as Jesus, is actually the emperor Cyrus, liberator of the Jews from exile in Babylon.

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Who We Are in God

It is easier said than done; taking to heart Jesus’ words in this passage from Luke. ‘Do not worry about your life…’ he tells us when the deadlines are looming and so much seems to rest on how we do and the grades we achieve. 

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