North West Social Action Directory

Below is the information of organisations working on social justice issues in the North West:

Safety4Sisters, Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Safety4Sisters is a Manchester-based organisation that addresses the exclusion of migrant women (particularly those with 'no recourse to public funds') from the most basic rights of safety and protection. They do so through policy work and by creating spaces for sisterhood in which the individual stories of migrant women, and their experiences of disempowerment and struggle for survival, are transformed into collective stories and collective action. To find out more, visit their website.

Rose Castle Foundation, Peace

The Rose Castle Foundation are specialists in the Abrahamic faiths whose mission is to equip tomorrow's leaders with the skills, tools, and habits needed to transform conflict. To make this a reality, they work with emerging leaders who are motivated by their faith and who want to explore moving into positions of influence across societal divides. The Rose Castle Foundation focuses on differences as well as common ground, providing space for people to explore and articulate their faith or ideological motivations. The organisation relies on dedicated volunteers to assist in the smooth running of the programmes and operations and are currently keen to begin re-building their volunteer team following Covid-19. To find out more, visit their website.

Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, Peace

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation is a charity, based in Warrington, with over 20-years of experience working for peace and non-violent conflict resolution both nationally and internationally. Their programme, ‘For Peace’, consists of a portfolio of projects, resources, and services and their work has three core components: prevention, resolution, and response. In prevention they seek to stop violence before it starts. When conflict does arise, they seek resolution through dialogue and actions to deal with issues without recourse to violence. When violent conflict has already occurred, they focus on responding, helping those affected to cope and recover and, in many cases, to become active peacebuilders and agents for change themselves. Their aim is to break the cycle of violence, so their projects overlap and intersect, allowing participants to learn from one another and play their role in achieving this. There are many opportunities for you to get involved with the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Peace Foundation as a volunteer, in the areas of hospitality, catering, gardening and maintenance, and fundraising. To find out more, visit their website.

Disability Positive, Disability

Disability Positive is a user-led charity that works mostly in the North West. They provide opportunities and a voice to people living with a disability or long-term health condition, as well as their families. Disability Positive offer services to help people with everyday life, being part of their local community and looking after their own wellbeing. They also offer advice, help with practical tasks and advocate for people in lots of different situations. They listen and share people’s experiences to influence positive change in government policy. As a user-led organisation, Disability Positive offers free membership and welcomes anyone with lived experience of disability or a long term condition, or with caring responsibilities. They rely on their members to develop and continue their services and to be a strong voice to influence local, regional, and national government policy. As a member you will: help  Disability Positive to influence the social or political environment on the issues which matter to members; help to keep the charity’s trustee board up-to date with the needs of our members and service users; keep the trustee board accountable to Disability Positive’s members; have the opportunity to volunteer, attend training and become a trustee; receive regular update and be invited to attend the Annual General Meeting, vote on changes and attend other exciting members’ events. Disability Positive also welcomes those who wish to volunteer with them. To find out more about membership click here. To find out more about volunteering visit their volunteering pages here.  

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