A Prayer for Unbelief

On the days I don’t believe,
I still have a sense of transcendence.
It is the myth and the formulae that lose meaning.
The improbability of it all.

On the days I don’t understand why I believe,
I feel overwhelmed by the darkness.
Why do you allow these things to happen?
None of the easy answers,
which absolve us of responsibility seem adequate.

On the days I wish I didn’t believe,
To care feels a burden,
To stand up and be counted, and stay standing.

On the days I wish I didn’t believe
I am disillusioned by others, who claim to believe
the same;
who make inclusive love exclusive
and fight in the name of peace.
We believe in One God
but I don’t want my God to be their God too.

Lord I believe, help my unbelief.

George Walsh, former member of Glasgow SCM

Resource type: 
Prayer and Liturgy
Resource theme: 
Doubt and Worry
Christian Faith