Scotland Social Action Directory

Below is the information of organisations working on social justice issues in Scotland:

Interfaith Scotland, Peace

Interfaith Scotland is committed to ensuring good relations between the diverse religion and belief communities in Scotland, while also sharing good practice in interfaith dialogue, education, engagement and training nationally and international. Currently, Scotland has 20 local interfaith groups spread across the country, along with women’s interfaith dialogue groups in Glasgow, Edinburgh, East Lothian, and Coatbridge, and an LGBTQ+ group in Glasgow. By becoming a member of your local group, you can support Interfaith Scotland by being involved in hosting public events, running interfaith session in schools, facilitating discussion and learning between people of different faiths etc. Aside from becoming involved in your local interfaith group you can also volunteer for Interfaith Scotland in a number of roles, including helping in the office or at events, or through Scotland Interfaith’s programme called ‘Face to Faith’, which provides volunteers with the opportunity to share their faith with school pupils of all ages.  To find out whether there is a local group in your area, click here. To find out more about volunteering for Interfaith Scotland, visit their website.

Peace and Justice, Peace

Peace & Justice promote nonviolence, human rights, conflict resolution, disarmament and ecological sustainability in order to create a culture of peace across Scotland. Their aim is to act as a catalyst for a more peaceful and just Scotland. They run several events promoting peace and nonviolence throughout the year, along with delivering/being involved in several project to support peace. There are several ways to support the work of Peace & Justice, whether that be by becoming a member, volunteering with the organisation, or simply signing a petition on the Take Action section of their website. To find out more, visit their website.

Scottish CND, Peace

Scottish CND campaigns for the elimination of nuclear weapons in Scotland and in the world. They call for recognition of the grave harm done to people who have been subjected to nuclear ‘tests’ around the world, and of the serious damage to our planet at every stage of the nuclear process. They likewise address the deep links between nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and call for an end to the entire nuclear industry. Scottish CND are a membership organisation, and welcome members and supporters from across Scotland. They have a number of local branches who organise events and campaigns in their local area, in addition to their Scotland-wide campaigning. To find out more, visit their website.

Trees for Life, Environment

Trees for life is an award-winning Scottish charity, whose mission is to rewild the Scottish Highlands by enabling the restoration of the globally unique Caledonian Forest that once covered much of Scotland. Integral to their success is the involvement of volunteers. Volunteering offers a rewarding and hugely enjoyable opportunity to restore native forests and wildlife habitats. With the help of volunteers, Trees for Life have planted nearly two million trees. To find out more, visit their website.

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