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Manchester Cathedral

We seek to be inclusive, welcoming and to encourage everyone to get involved.

We are an inclusive Cathedral Church of all sorts of people just like you.

We celebrate that everyone is different, yet all children of God.

In our family we are young single adults and people in new relationships.

We are students, we are young professionals and those seeking work.

We are disabled and able-bodied.

We are families - with and without children. We are older people with and without their partners.

Some of our people are from the UK and others are from dozens of other countries. Some have been here for many years and others have just arrived.

We are gay people, straight people, trans people, and all sorts of other people. Ain't no queer as folk, after all!

We don't make you tick a box.

We are brainy people with amazing minds to help us think.

We are strong people with amazing hearts to help us heal.

We are newcomers and old hands. Some have lived in the area for generations, others came the week before you.

We are those with a rock solid faith. We are prayer warriors. We are great singers.

We are those who struggle with belief. And those who don't know how to pray yet.

We are those who just need some space.

We are those in the midst of some really tough times.

And those coming out the other side.

We are those that know Jesus really well.

And we are those who might want to know a bit more.

And we are everything inbetween.

Manchester Cathedral is a diverse and radically inclusive space.

We strive to offer hospitality to all that come, and to be a place of blessing and encouragement to all that find their way to us.

Come and find out more!