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Carlton Hill Quaker Meeting House

Situated across the road from the University of Leeds, Carlton Hill Meeting is the nearest Quaker Meeting to the City Centre and campuses. Our Sunday Meeting for Worship is at 10.45 and anyone is welcome, regardless of personal belief, whether you are an established Quaker or just curious. There is a shared lunch on 3rd Sunday of the month.Quaker worship reflects our principles of equality and simplicity. It is based in silent waiting on the Spirit, where anyone present, if so moved, may speak to the Meeting. Quakers are also concerned about truth, peace and the environment. There are a lot of things we're not so bothered about, or we leave to your own promptings, your sexuality, gender or transgender status, the nature of your relationships and your personal theological views.Robin Fishwick, a member of our Meeting is also the Quaker University's Quaker Chaplain.