SCM Green Challenges

The SCM Green Challenge is a campaign to get students and SCM supporters to explore their personal impact on the planet. There will be points for completing different challenges and a leaderboard of the top three competitors each month. Everyone who enters will be given their total score each month by email, so they can know how far off the leaderboard they are. Every month will have a 'Stage Winner' and at the end of the six months, we will have a prize for the top three!

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October 2017: Green Energy

The first month of the SCM Green Challenge will be focussed on Green Energy. There will be points for changing energy supplier to a Green Energy company and points for joining in actively with Christian Aid's 'Big Shift' campaign or getting your church to disinvest through Operation Noah's 'Bright Now' campaign.

Click here for details of points and challenges for October. 

The prize for October is a solar-powered phone charger and a solar-powered dancing Jesus!

November 2017: Green Transport

In November, we will be looking at ways of reducing our carbon footprint by making our travel greener. This will include challenges for booking holidays with travel by ferry or train instead of plane, and cutting down on the use of cars. 

Click here for details of points and challenges for November.

The prize for November is a student rail card or the equivalent value in travel accessories. 

December 2017: Green Giving

In the run-up to Christmas, we'll be exploring how we can be greener with our giving. We will challenge people to use websites which sell green gifts, as well as learning how to make our own gifts!

Click here for details of points and challenges for December, as well as recipes and ideas for how to make gifts yourself or buy green gifts online!

The prize for December is eco-friendly wrapping paper and an Oxfam unwrapped gift!

January 2018: Green Food

In January- to coincide with Veganuary- we will be looking at how what we eat affects the planet. We will be challenging students to buy local produce, as well as challenging people to try going vegan or vegetarian for the month. Another thing we will be encouraging students to find out more about is Transition Networks

Click here for details of points and challenges for January.

The prize for January is a British canned pulses selection from Hodmedod's and this book on cooking with pulses. 

February 2018: Green Waste 

We will be looking at the big issue of waste and landfill, with a focus on plastic, coffee cups and recycling more generally.

Click here for details of points and Challenges for February.

The prize will be a canvas bag and travel cup from Surfers Against Sewage.

March 2018: Green Shopping

For the final month of the challenge, we will be focussing on how we spend our money and will be particularly looking at things like clothes and the environmental impact they have. Can we recycle more clothes and buy from charity shops, or can we learn to make and mend clothes at home?

Click here for details of points and Challenges for March..