Speakers in the East Midlands


Keith Hebden, Priest, Activist, author of 'Seeking Justice', newly appointed Director of UTU

Liberation Theology; Theological Reflection; Community Organising; Christian Anarchism; Activism

CONTACT: keithhebden@gmail.com


Paul Ballard, SCM Friend & Retired Professor of Theology

Practical Theology; Theological Reflection; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Faith and Environment, City Centre

CONTACT: paul.h.ballard@virginmedia.com


Helen Hayes, Priest, Leicester Diocesan Pioneer Minister to the Homeless

Homelessness, Pioneer Ministry, Christian Nonviolent Activism, Music and Faith

CONTACT: revhelenhayes63@gmail.com


Richard King, Director of Formation at Lincoln School of Theology

Worship and Liturgy; Spiritual Direction; Ignation spiritual exercises

CONTACT: rking11@hotmail.com


Geoffrey Harris, Retired Tutor at Lincoln School of Theology and East Midlands Ministry Training Course, New Testament scholar

The apostle Paul; New Testament Studies; Suffering, Christian apologetics

CONTACT: gandjharris@btinternet.com


Jeyan Anketell, Self-Supporting CofE minister; trustee and Member of Council of Modern Church

Jeyan has a PhD in physics, is a voluntary reading assistant and was once a Lichfield City Councillor. He can speak on many subjects relating to physics and/or theology.

CONTACT: jeyan.anketell@ntlworld.com


Jack Cunningham, Academic Coordinator for Theology at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln

Church history, especially the Reformation 

CONTACT: jack.cunningham@bishopg.ac.uk


Mark Rodel, Tutor at St John's School of Mission, Nottingham

Pioneer Ministry; Contextual Mission and Theology

CONTACT: markrodel@me.com


Paul Bodenham, Green Christian

Environmental issues, Christianity and Green Economics

CONTACT: pb@cooptel.net


Sally Myers, Principal of Lincoln School of Theology

Christian Ethics, Education and the Learning Church, Faith Development

CONTACT: sally.myers@lincoln.anglican.org; 01522 504083


Matt Jeziorski, Education and Outreach for Pax Christi

Peace; Nonviolence; Reconciliation

CONTACT: education@paxchristi.org.uk; 020 8203 4884


Jo Henderson-Merrygold, Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies

Hidden Perspectives: Bringing the Bible out of the closet, LGBTQ engagements with the Bible and religion



Action for Children

If you would like a visit from Action for Children, find a local speaker in this list.


Tim Baker, All We Can 

International relief and development work as a faith-based movement – biblical and theological reflections on social justice and what we can do about global poverty. 

+44 (0) 1977 616828  t.baker@allwecan.org.uk