Speakers in Yorkshire


Rachel Muers, Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies, University of Leeds

Modern Christian thought; feminism, gender and theology; theological ethics, especially intergenerational responsibility and environment; Quaker theology

CONTACT: r.e.muers@leeds.ac.uk


Keith Hebden, Priest, Activist, Author of 'Seeking Justice', Director of UTU

Liberation Theology; Theological Reflection; Community Organising; Christian Anarchism; Activism

CONTACT: keithhebden@gmail.com


Noel Moules, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Activist for peace, justice and deep ecology, Founder and Director of ‘Workshop’ Christian Learning Programme

Christian Animism; Jesus and Wild Nature; Shalom: the peace where contemplatives and activists meet; Christian Anarchy; Relating to other faiths

CONTACT: office@anvil.org.uk 


Al McFadyen, Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology, University of Leeds

Christian doctrine in relation to modern thought and practice, focussed on humanity and sin, and practically on policing, terrorism, torture. 

CONTACT: trs6am@leeds.ac.uk


Dan Ingram-Brown, Childrens’ author, theatre director, playwright

Involved in arts events in the city, Big Bookend Festival chair

CONTACT: daningrambrown@live.co.uk


Matt Jeziorski, Education and Outreach for Pax Christi

Peace; Nonviolence; Reconciliation

CONTACT: education@paxchristi.org.uk; 020 8203 4884


Helen Reid, Director of Leeds Churches Institute. PhD in Peace Studies

Speaks on 'Being Christian in a diverse and unequal city'. Expert on engaging with and working with different faiths

CONTACT: 0113 391 7928; helen@leedschurchinstitute.org


Ed Carlisle, Together for Peace

Together for Peace is a community development charity in South Leeds- Beeston; More engaged politics; expansive, integrated theologies for politics and social action

CONTACT: ed@t4p.org.uk; 07738 921 277 


Matt Ward, Anglican Chaplain to the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett

Matt is writing a PhD on belonging, church and Christian students

CONTACT: m.ward@leeds.ac.uk


Jeyan Anketell, Self-Supporting CofE minister; trustee and Member of Council of Modern Church

Jeyan has a PhD in physics, is a voluntary reading assistant and was once a Lichfield City Councillor. He can speak on many subjects relating to physics and/or theology.

CONTACT: jeyan.anketell@ntlworld.com


Nick Waterfield, Church Action on Poverty

Church Action on Poverty; UK poverty; End Hunger UK campaign



Jo Henderson-Merrygold, Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies

Hidden Perspectives: Bringing the Bible out of the closet, LGBTQ engagements with the Bible and religion



Action for Children

If you would like a visit from Action for Children, find a local speaker in this list.


Tim Baker, All We Can 

International relief and development work as a faith-based movement – biblical and theological reflections on social justice and what we can do about global poverty. 

+44 (0) 1977 616828  t.baker@allwecan.org.uk