Fundraise for SCM!

If you are reading this then it is safe to assume that you are interested in raising funds for SCM. Firstly, we'd like to say thank you! SCM can only do what it does because of the fantastic support of people like you.

You might be here because you are (or have been) a member of an SCM Group or have heard about our work through your Church. Perhaps you have stumbled across us and are enthused by what we do and the vision we have for every student to be able to be part of an inclusive Christian community. Whatever your reason, we are delighted you want to fundraise for us. On this page you can find ideas on how to fundraise for SCM.

Here are some ways to put the FUN into fundraising!

Buy our merch

You can order merch from our online store and buy ethically sourced gifts for your friends and family, which helps us fundraise and more people to learn about what we do!

Join the 200x200 Appeal

We're recruiting 200 churches to commit to donating £200 a year to SCM to secure our future. Download our template letter and ask your church to donate £200 a year to SCM.

Do a sponsored event

It could be something unusual, like dying your hair a wacky colour or knitting a record-breaking blanket!

Organise a social event

A quiz, a silent disco, a bring 'n' share meal. This is an awesome opportunity to let as many people know about SCM as possible, as well as having fun!

Challenge yourself

Been thinking about doing that half marathon for ages now? Always had the desire to climb Snowdon? Strap on your sensible footwear, start training and get your friends to sponsor you!

Sell your skills 

Are you a whizz at changing a plug? Can you mend clothes? Offer to do these things for friends and acquaintances, all in exchange for a donation to SCM.

Get a round in

Donate the cost of a round of drinks (or coffees!) to SCM and make us feel loved!

Go your own way!

Have an idea not mentioned here? Let us know and we might be able to help make it a reality!

There are loads of ways for you to raise money. Even if you're not in a position to help out at the moment, let all your friends know about us. Share our statuses across your social media. Convince your Church to invite an SCM speaker to address the congregation. As that supermarket advert has been telling us for years, "Every Little Helps". 

For sponsor forms or any resources, please call the office or email us.