HOW TO BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN ALLY - A new resource for progressive Churches and communities.

24 Oct 2023

While the national denominations and traditions continue to argue over their stance on the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people, the Student Christian Movement (SCM) and OneBodyOneFaith have joined together to publish a resource for churches who want to take a step further along the journey, and who want...

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A Statement on the Church in Wales' Decision to Bless Same Sex Marriages

7 Sep 2021

The Student Christian Movement celebrates the news that the Church in Wales has formally agreed to bless same-sex marriages. Yesterday, the Governing Body voted in favour of a bill allowing services of blessing to couples in same-sex marriages.

During yesterday’s proceedings, many spoke...

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Friendship Trumps Theology for University Students – New SCM Resource

22 May 2017

Students prioritise friendship and community over theology or denomination when finding a church at university, according to a new resource published by the Student Christian Movement (SCM). Finding a safe environment that offers security and familiarity is a key concern for students moving to...

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Want to involve students and young people in building the common good? Let’s start by forming real, honest communities

15 May 2017

As Christians, if we want to start building the common good, we must begin with the church – they are an integral part of local life, meeting people where they are to share the love of God and bring disparate communities together as one body.

At SCM, we want to see churches embracing the...

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Universal Day of Prayer for Students 2017: Student Groups and Churches Unite In Prayer

1 Mar 2017

Student groups and churches across the UK and around the world joined together on 19 February to celebrate the Universal Day of Prayer for Students (Student Sunday). They came together around the theme ‘All Are Welcome’ to offer prayers of support for university students and...

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One student’s story of faith in Liverpool

20 Feb 2017

I started the journey to find a church in Liverpool at the very start of my second year. I’d grown up in a Church of England family and had decided to get confirmed at 17, but in my first year I’d never even looked for a church in Liverpool; I hardly remember the thought crossing my mind. It had...

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All Are Welcome: Lessons from Roller Derby

14 Feb 2017

Eighteen months ago I took a big leap of faith and moved to a new city where I knew no-one. As such, finding communities that offered a welcome was really important to my feeling comfortable and at home.

I quickly joined two communities – a local church and a roller derby team.


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Belonging: Finding Space for Room

13 Feb 2017

“And on this rock I shall build my church” (Matthew 16:18)

As I leave the walls of church behind me, in the ice-cold wind, I ponder. For indeed each brick found a place to belong to the next, as churches were constructed all over the land, in such abundance. Beautiful architecture of its...

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All Are Welcome: Nathan's Story

7 Feb 2017

In 2006, my mum, a Methodist minister, was appointed to be the minister for a couple of churches in and around Hexham – a small market town in rural Northumberland. With this being my mum’s first appointment, it was a big change for all of the family. For me, it was a scary but exciting time....

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The Challenge of Welcome

1 Feb 2017

“We are a welcoming church” is something churches often use to describe our congregations - but if we are honest, it’s easier said than done. Welcome is an interesting word, with meanings around greeting, invitation, and hospitality. On one level, a welcome is fairly easy - a friendly hello does...

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