Faith in Action

Bonhoeffer and Human Rights

16 Jan 2024

When we consider the place of Christian faith and human rights, one person of particular relevance is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. For those of you who don’t know who Bonhoeffer was, he was a pastor and theologian who was part of the Confessing Church in Nazi Germany and who eventually became involved...

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Mourning Rosebank

27 Sep 2023

"This is my Father's world

May we tend her gentle life

Her seas are filled with the oil we spilled

Her skies growing warm in their plight

This is our Father's world

He has fashioned us a home

And lest our crib become our grave

This world is not...

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Attending XR's The Big One

29 May 2023

When Extinction Rebellion (XR) announced on social media that they were aiming to get 100,000 people outside Parliament to put pressure on the UK government to ACT on climate change, I knew I had to be there. The climate crisis is such a dominating and complex issue that it is easy to...

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Faith in Action: Naomi's Story

31 Oct 2022

Growing up, my first interactions with Christianity were through music. I was a chorister at the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool and I loved it. I loved being a part of the services and helping to shape the worship. I loved seeing how the church changed with the seasons, how the music took us on...

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A photo of poet Mary Oliver with the words Mary Oliver: The Divine in Nature

Finding the Divine in Nature with Mary Oliver

24 Oct 2022

Between now and January, Naomi and I will be looking at three broad themes in our Faith in Action work. One of these is ‘Finding the Divine’.

For me, finding the divine is about seeing God in all of their many forms and faces, and in spaces and at times that aren’t ‘religious’. It’s about...

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Faith in Action: Grace's Story

20 Oct 2022

I grew up in the Lutheran church in Pennsylvania, which probably accounts for a good 40% of my personality. The church of my childhood was and is one that gets things done. No one was all that concerned about what you actually believed, so long as it was adjacent to the Nicene Creed and wasn’t...

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Unpacking the Mystery of 'Ethical' Food Labels

3 Mar 2022

I wrote in my blog ‘Earth is a mess, y'all: Putting Faith Into Action Isn’t Always Easy’ about the ethical minefield that often surrounds decisions that are seemingly as simple as buying a tomato. I don’t know...

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Hi, my name is Lizzy!

4 Oct 2021

Hi, I am Lizzy

I have been involved in campaigning for social justice since I was seventeen. I am particularly passionate about issues that relate to fragile states and conflict and I would define my soapbox issues as being centred around the persecution of people, refugee rights...

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Hi, my name is Alana!

29 Sep 2021

Hi, my name is Alana!

I graduated this July from the University of Birmingham with a bachelor’s degree in Theology and Religion. Studying a range of topics from biblical scholarship to anthropology, Christianity was the primary focus of my higher education due to its vast history,...

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SCM Statement on Nuclear Weapons

18 Mar 2021

Following the announcement of new plans to increase potential for nuclear weapons by the UK government, the General Council of the Student Christian Movement have issued the following statement:

"The UK government has announced plans to allow for the expansion of the Trident nuclear...

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