What Do You Mean I Have To Find a New Church?

19 Sep 2023

Going to university is full of a lot of ‘firsts’: moving away from home, owning saucepans, discovering TurnItIn and remembering to buy toilet rolls. It is also the first chance, for many, to choose which church they are going to attend. The deciding factor for where I went as a child was: is...

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Frustrated Vocations: Why We Need an Honest Church on Women's Ministry

18 Apr 2023

Twenty years ago I had a strong sense of God calling me to ordained ministry in the Church of England and to become a vicar.  This was nearly ten years since women had been permitted to become priests and, although I genuinely wondered whether I had all the gifts necessary for priestly ministry...

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"Dear Bishop X"

29 Nov 2022

"Dear Bishop X,

I won’t bore you with the formalities of me beginning this letter telling you what I’m about to discuss. Instead, I will keep it short. I’m writing to tell you an important point of view you may like to consider when meeting with the other bishops and (hopefully) finally...

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