Queerly Beloved: Encountering God in the Every Day

27 Jan 2020

It feels somewhat strange to be writing a blog post on being an LGBTQ+ person of faith during a period of increased dissonance, upset and anger within the Church of England. In a lot of ways I’m lost as to what to say, sad at the system, and confused as to what my role is in all of it. I’ve been...

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An Empty Chair

27 Nov 2019

I was deeply saddened this week by yet another example of homophobia in the church. Churches Together in England have made the decision that the only way they can continue to work towards unity between the churches is to block the...

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Methodist and Proud

6 Mar 2019

I am a Methodist. I love the Methodist Church, and one of the things I most value about being a Methodist is our connexionalism - the idea that we are all interdependent. Despite the fact that the Methodist Church in Britain is not a...

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Lesbian Love as Vocation: My Journey as a Roman Catholic Lesbian

27 Feb 2019

I cannot tell you the moment I decided to first identify as or tell people that I am a lesbian, but I distinctly remember the moment I “realised” I was called to love women as well as men (or so I thought. This later turned out to be “rather than men”!). For a lot of people such an epiphany...

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Learning To Be My Whole Self

20 Feb 2019

I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember. In late 2014 I figured out I was part of the LGBT+ community, too. For a long time, especially whilst I was still figuring out exactly who I was, these two identities were very much separated in my mind. Having grown up in a traditional Church...

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Students in Scotland Welcome Equal Marriage Vote in the SEC

8 Jun 2017

Students in Scotland have welcomed the recent vote by the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) in favour of equal marriage.

The vote – held on 8 June – amends Canon law 31, removing the clause that marriage is between a man and woman. The motion includes a conscience clause, which means clergy...

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