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Finding my faith

Finding a community where you feel comfortable to explore your faith can be tricky. SCM and YFGM member Julian Wood tells us about his experience of re-engaging with Christianity and his journey so far. 

He Died For Me & I Shall Live For Him

This blog post written as part of the Faith in Action project, which you can read about here

Each year, Christians around the world observe Good Friday. Good Friday activities differ around the world. The Catholics recall the fourteen Stations of the Cross, which are the fourteen areas through which Christ was taken on Good Friday. Normally a mass is not celebrated as the faithful read from scriptures

For love...

Why Concern Universal cares about climate change

On Monday, I packed my bags and headed for London (no mean feat if you live in the Welsh countryside) for a meeting of the Climate Coalition.  This group of 100+ UK NGOs used to be known as the Stop Climate Chaos coalition. The change of name is no accident, nor is it entirely because you feel like you need a lie down by the time you’ve got to the end of saying ‘the Stop Climate Chaos coalition’.

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