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It’s Time To Talk

Today is #TimeToTalk Day, an initiative to encourage people across the UK to have conversations about mental health and offer support to those who might need it. Here are some practical tips you can do, courtesy of former Faith in Action intern Jacque Hall.

Take Five

Time to Change have launched a nationwide initiative today called 'Time to Talk'. On this Thursday 5th February, they're asking everyone to take five minutes to have a conversation with someone about mental health. You can find out more about the project and get a resource pack on the Time to Change website.

The way we use language

Whilst on placement at Mind my primary project is the 'Wellbeing Workshops', and I also spend time building relationships with service users, seeing other groups and now I'm settled I'll be spending time visiting other mental health services in the area. As part of the process of reflecting on my work at Mind I have regular meetings with a support person to help me reflect theologically on my experiences. In this week’s blog I would like to recount one aspect of a recent conversation I had with him, where we discussed the language used when talking about mental health issues.

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