Submissions Invited for the Movement Magazine Article Competition!

10 May 2022

The Movement Magazine editorial team invites SCM members, university students and those studying in theological colleges to enter our article competition!   ...

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Movement 163: What Is Vocation?

21 Jan 2021

Our long read article comes from Gill Frigerio, researcher in career development at the University of Warwick. She gives us lots of helpful ways to think about career, calling, and the difficulties of fitting together our work and our faith. Here is a small section of her insightful...

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Movement 163: Interview - Ellen Loudon

21 Jan 2021

Our interview for this issue was with Ellen Loudon, author of 12 Rules for Christian Activism: A Toolkit for Massive Change and Director of Social Justice for Liverpool Diocese. Here’s what she had to say about vocation, our theme for this issue – for the full interview, head to Movement Issue...

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From Communard to Catholic: An Interview With Richard Coles

26 Feb 2020

This interview was first published in Issue 89 of Movement magazine in the Spring of 1995.

When ex-Communard Richard Coles began his theology degree at King’s College, London in 1991 he was expecting to be the only ex-popstar on the course. He was peeved to find...

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7 Nov 2019

The Student Christian Movement has announced the appointment of The Revd Naomi Nixon as its new Chief Executive. She will replace SCM’s National Coordinator, Hilary Topp, who departed in February.

Naomi joins the charity from the Diocese of Coventry, where she has been Ministerial...

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Tallking about the Ark: An Interview with Jean Vanier

9 May 2019

Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche, talks to SCM member Jonathan Spoor about vision, community and hope.

In 1964, Jean Vanier invited Raphael Simi and Phillipe Seux, two men with learning disabilities, to live with him in his home in Trosly-Breuil, near Paris. From the original small house,...

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