Let’s make 2018 the year to End Hunger in the UK!

20 Dec 2017

As many SCM members will be aware, growing numbers of people in the UK face hunger and destitution. Benefit cuts and changes, punitive sanctions, low pay, insecure work, and rises in the cost of living all combine to make life incredibly hard for too many of us.

Churches, food banks and a...

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Joy in Enough: Economics for People and Planet

4 Dec 2017

The Unfairness of an Economic System

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  So goes Henry Ford’s oft parroted quote.  It is particularly popular with Donald Trump, who has tweeted it on at least three separate occasions.  Of course...

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Who is my neighbour? Tackling child hunger in the UK

14 Sep 2017

We live in one of the richest countries in the world; a country which has enough money to look after its population, and one which is nevertheless failing its most vulnerable people. Disabled people and people with long-term illnesses are having benefits taken off them cruelly and inhumanely,...

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Caring for our Common Home and Sharing in our Common Joys

24 Jul 2017

Last weekend, I spent a few days in Derbyshire, helping with the SCM stall at the National Justice and Peace Network (NJPN) annual conference. This is a Catholic conference and the theme this year was ‘A Sabbath for the Earth and the Poor’, looking at the big issues of environment and poverty...

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SCM to be Associate Partner of Centre for Theology and Justice

15 May 2017

SCM is teaming up with the Centre for Theology and Justice, a new collaborative initiative based in Manchester that will resource justice work and theological connections between organisations across Britain.

The project has four main partners – Luther King House, Christian Aid, Church...

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Holiday Hunger: What is it? How can your church respond?

19 Dec 2016

Think back to the days of your school holidays, what do you picture? Is it family holidays to the same (sometimes rainy) spot in Cornwall each year? Maybe you sat for hours in the back of a car, suitcases crammed in behind you? Did you spend your days with friends in sunny back gardens? I have a...

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