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SCM Leadership Training 2018

Our new and improved leadership training is now open to all members. Are you a leader in your SCM Community, want to volunteer as an SCM Contact or just joined GC as one of our new Trustees? This is the training for you! Places limited so book now so avoid disappointment

Book here

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Thu, 06/09/2018 - 10:00 to Fri, 07/09/2018 - 17:00


Fircroft College


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Contact telephone

0121 426 4918

Combined Leaders Training 2017

Last week SCM held two sets of exciting and enriching training in the beautiful house and grounds at Fircroft College in Birmingham. Church leaders, students, chaplaincy assistants and student workers from across the country came together to explore questions around mission, community and what a relevant and vibrant faith on campuses might look like today.

One of the highlights from our Effective Student Work Training was a workshop on pastoral care and boundaries. Revd Sharon Jones shared that ‘empathy is the compass for boundaries’ in a moving workshop that explored compassion for ourselves and students in our care.

On our second day of training we hosted a diversity and inclusion panel attempting to answer the question ‘How can we build inclusive and diverse Christian student communities for all?’. We had three key focuses on race, LGBTQ+ issues and international students. Students explored the issues of privilege, what it means to be an ally and how to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Ecumenism is at the heart of SCM and participants enjoyed planning and leading ecumenical worship together. ‘Planning worship together was a great way to learn about including everyone’s traditions and background’ - Alex Akhurst, leader of St. Oswald’s student group, Durham.

Jack Woodruff from York Christian Focus said ‘SCM’s Group Leader Training has helped me feel confident and excited about being a student leader’ and another student commented ‘I’ve loved meeting other group leaders – I feel I’m now part of a bigger community (incl. staff) who’ll help and support us’.

If you belong to a student group or you support one as part of your work, why not invite SCM to run some training and support your group to have a great start to the year? Get in touch with out Groups Worker Lizzie on to find out more.


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New SCM Training Workshops for Groups

From April, SCM groups will be able to book SCM's training workshops for free throughout the year. Workshops provide practical and detailed support to groups and student leaders, equipping your society with all the skills you need to run some incredible activities for students.

"We're really excited to be taking our training workshops on the road this year, equipping our student leaders and groups with all the skills they need to help students grow and live out their faith at university," said Lizzie Gawen, SCM's Groups Worker.

The workshops expand on the training delivered at SCM's annual Group Leaders' Training event, which last year was held jointly with the Effective Student Work Training (ESWT) in September. Each workshop will offer students an opportunity to learn more about the nitty gritty of running an SCM group, from using social media for publicity and outreach, to the practicalities of planning a student event. Workshops include:

1. Social Media: an in-depth look at the do's and don'ts of using social media platforms, from running a great campaign to designing compelling graphics and content to promote your group.

2. Outreach: a must for any group planning their freshers' events - this session will give group leaders the skills to run a great stall, recruit new members, plan a termly programme, and partner with other societies.

3. Event Planning: a hands-on look at the ingredients to a great event, how to manage time effectively, promote and market your events, and do follow-up.

4. Interfaith: a workshop exploring the best ways to work with other faith societies on campus, including running fantastic interfaith events.

5. Fundraising and Budgeting: an accessible and detailed look at keeping your group's finances on track, from managing a small budget to raising income through local fundraising.

Group leaders can book the sessions by clicking on this link and requesting a date and time for the workshop.

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Working Together for Students in Liverpool

Rach Collins, SCM’s North West Development Worker, reports from the latest SCM breakfast event in Liverpool, where church leaders, volunteers, students and chaplains met together to explore student ministry in the city.

On Tuesday 7 February, 21 people from local churches, chaplaincies and charities – as well as current students – joined together for an SCM Breakfast at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. We had representatives from the Anglican church, Mersey Synod of the URC, Modern Church and the International Justice Mission (IJM), as well as two local SCM Link Churches and of course chaplains from across the Universities.

After a time of sharing informally over breakfast, groups of 3s and 4s discussed their excitement and concern for student work in Liverpool and beyond. A key theme that came out of this discussion was a passion for social justice, and how that unites us. One of the students enthused about unity across churches and student work that was evident in the room. It was great to have so much energy for student work in Liverpool.

Liverpool has three distinct Universities, and this brings opportunities as well as difficulties. It was good to have people working across all of them around the table.

Challenges and Concerns

Participants raised concerns that this might be just another talking shop meeting with no real fruit. There were also worries that student Christianity misses so many Christian students, as well as other minorities. Church leaders were also worried about lacking confidence, and the fact we need to reach out and be student-led. Joined together we saw that what we need is the time and resources on the ground with actual students to make a difference.

The morning concluded with hopes of working together with organisations in the room and others not present to focus on social justice and find the students to ensure that this is student-led.

I'm personally excited about where this might lead, and how SCM can continue to support students and those doing the on-the-ground work in Liverpool.

SCM is working to create new resources and training materials to help churches reach out to students and support their spiritual journeys through university. If you would like to support this work, please make a donation today - you can donate online here.

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No Train, No Gain

We were thrilled to host our first ever joint training event this September, bringing together student leaders, student workers and chaplaincy assistants for two days exploring leadership, discipleship and community building. Taking place at St Francis Hall, Birmingham from 8-9 September, members of the SCM team led workshops, worship sessions and a lively panel discussion on inclusion.

“By combining our leadership training for group leaders, church workers and chaplaincy assistants, this year’s event was a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, hone our skills, and build stronger links between student groups, churches and chaplaincies across Britain,” said Hilary Topp, SCM’s National Coordinator. “As freshers’ weeks begin, it’s crucial that we offer a really supportive welcome to all new students and demonstrate the love of God to people from all backgrounds.”

Covering everything from conflict resolution and team roles, to social media, outreach, and event planning, people shared their experiences and ideas in a varied mix of workshops. We started with a discussion on why faith matters and explored how we can better nurture each other’s faiths – an important aspect to consider when it comes to leadership.

Being more Inclusive

On Thursday afternoon, we held a panel discussion on diversity and inclusion, asking how we can celebrate our diversity and be inclusive of everyone. Panellists included Caitlin Wakefield, a Masters student at the University of Glasgow and SCM’s LGBTQI+ rep on General Council and Taylor Driggers, a PhD student at Glasgow and international students rep for SCM. Caitlin and Taylor both spoke about the need to get informed and not rely on lazy assumptions about people from different backgrounds.

Feylyn Lewis, a student at the University of Birmingham, also spoke about the need to be intentional when creating spaces, reminding us that diversity doesn’t just happen. We also heard from Raj Bharath Patta, a PhD student at the University of Manchester and former General Secretary of SCM India, on welcoming international students: “Don’t judge me by my language, but receive me as I am,” he said.

We concluded the course with a worship and commissioning service, led by participants who had all helped to plan the service as part of a worship planning session on Thursday.

“The diversity panel, exploring what it means to be diverse and inclusive, challenged us to get educated and be welcoming,” said Rach Collins, SCM’s new North West Regional Development Worker, who attended the training. “We also had a chance to plan an event, lead worship, and grow in our discipleship. It was a really fulfilling two days.”

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