Tips for SCM Group Outreach!

2 May 2023

Words like 'outreach' and 'evangelism' can be taboo words in the progressive Christian world (and for good reason!) We don't want to be seen to be manipulative or coercive, so we can feel a bit wary or unsure of how to go about attracting new people to our SCM groups. As part of this year's...

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Combined Leaders Training 2017

12 Sep 2017

Last week SCM held two sets of exciting and enriching training in the beautiful house and grounds at Fircroft College in Birmingham. Church leaders, students, chaplaincy assistants and student workers from across the country came together to explore questions around mission, community and what a...

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Working Together for Students in Liverpool

13 Feb 2017

Rach Collins, SCM’s North West Development Worker, reports from the latest SCM breakfast event in Liverpool, where church leaders, volunteers, students and chaplains met together to explore student ministry in the city.

On Tuesday 7 February, 21 people from local churches,...

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