130 Challenge

2019 marks the 130th anniversary of SCM, and we're asking our members and supporters to celebrate with us by taking part in the 130 Challenge!

We're looking for 130 people to raise £130 over the course of 2019, raising an additional £17,000 for our work with students. That would most certainly be a happy birthday to us!

Will you take part?

We are asking people to sign up and take on a challenge of their choice to raise £130 for SCM's work, helping us to create inclusive communities for students across Britain.

You could try a sponsored event, such as running a 5K race, just like Emilia did. Find out here why she did it and how she got on?

Or, you could organise a quiz night or a picnic, donating the proceeds to our cause. You could even give something up for SCM and donate the money you save - one less takeaway coffee a week for a year will easily save you £130. 

Check out our new 130 Challenge Fundraising Pack for more ideas of how to take part in the 130 Challenge!

Sign up for the challenge!

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