About the Project

The Faith in Action project is all about encouraging students to think through the call to follow Jesus actively in all aspects of life. This could include going to church, but also campaigning on justice issues, changing your lifestyle to live more ethically, choosing to go into a career where you can make a difference to others... the list goes on!

How did it start?

The Faith in Action project started in 2012 when Project Bonhoeffer and SCM teamed up with a vision to inspire students through the life, thought, and radical faith of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. From there, we've grown and developed the Faith in Action project as it is today - encouraging students to fulfill their calling to respond to the call of Jesus to serve our neighbours and put a spoke in the wheel of injustice.

What does that look like now?

Now the project is an integral part of SCM's work. We encourage students to get involved with campaigns to gain experience of challenging injustice directly, as well as to engage in theological reflection to ground all our work in the teachings of our faith. We provide resources for students to learn more about theology and justice issues, including Movement magazine and the SCM podcast. And we provide workshops and training on Bonhoeffer, justice, campaigning, faith reflection, and more.

How can I find out more?

Explore the other sections of our Faith in Action page, or get in touch with our Faith in Action Project Workers, Alana Romagnoli and Lizzy Norman-Sargent