General Council

The following SCM members are currently on General Council.

  Josh Mock- Trustee and Convenor of General Council  Josh has been a member of SCM since 2019 and studied languages at university. He is now a due diligence analyst at a risk consultancy firm. He previously served on General Council working on international and social justice issues. As Convenor, Josh liaises between the staff team, Council of Reference, and General Council, and chairs trustee meetings. In his spare time, Josh enjoys cooking, music, and spending time with loved ones.
Joanna Ramsey - Trustee Joanna graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2023 with a degree in Natural Sciences (Maths and Psychology), and is now working as a Graduate Resident Assistant in a boarding school. She has a Methodist background and has been involved with SCM throughout her time at university, becoming a trustee in 2022. In her free time Joanna enjoys reading and playing the piano and clarinet. 
 Emilia De Luca - Trustee and Graduate Members' Rep Emilia has been a trustee and General Council member since 2018. She works as an engineer in the automotive industry, having completed a bachelor's degree in Motorsport Engineering Emilia is involved in a small pioneer church that is part of Coventry Cathedral (and run in part by SCM's CEO!). Emilia grew up in a typical CofE parish church, but her faith developed and deepened after attending her first Greenbelt festival in 2017 which is also where she discovered SCM just before starting university. In her spare time, she enjoys crocheting (particularly for charitable causes) and crafts, promoting STEM education (especially women in engineering) and generally being rather busy! 
Russell Frost - Trustee and Finance Portfolio Russell studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton. Due to some questionable decisions, and getting in with the wrong crowd, he left the university seven years later with a PhD and a semi permanent migraine. While there, he joined the newly refounded Southampton branch of the SCM. He later served as president of the group during, what are now referred to as, the dark days. The team has gone from strength to strength since his graduation. He became a trustee of the national movement in 2020. The ensuing global pandemic is not widely believed to be his fault. His holding of the finance and staffing portfolio reflect his deep passion for The Movement not going bust and loosing all of its staff. In his spare time, Russell collects books. One day, he hopes to actually read some of them. 
Abigail Hollingsworth - Trustee and Theology & Resources Portfolio Abigail is a Mathematics PhD student at the University of Warwick. While studying for her integrated masters at the University of Southampton, from which she graduated in 2022, she was President of SCM Southampton for three years. She grew up in the CofE, and now attends a small church attached to Coventry Cathedral (which is run in part by SCM’s CEO!). Abigail has been a member of SCM since she started at university in 2018 and it has been a big part of her faith journey ever since. She is keen to learn about other SCM groups and what resources they find useful and what resources they feel are missing. When not studying abstract mathematics like geometric topology, Abigail enjoys reading, archery and playing the piano. 
Josh House  - Trustee, Members and Groups, and Safeguarding Portfolio Josh is currently studying for a master's in sociology at LSE. After gaining a BA in Theology from the University of Leeds, he worked as an RE teacher in London. Whilst at Leeds Josh was an active member of SCM Leeds (now Inclusive Christian Movement Leeds) and whilst Secretary in his final year put a lot of emphasis on growth and sustainability of the group. He is committed to ensuring that other SCM groups can grow and become sustainable for the future because of the important and unique space that SCM groups provide for Christian students on campuses across the UK. He is more than happy to be contacted by group leaders who have any questions or need support. 
 Ciaran Nevers - BAME Rep  Ciarán is a recent Theology and Religion graduate, continuing his studies at the University of Exeter where he helps lead the local SCM group. He is a strong believer in de-colonising faith and Church spaces and supports expressions of faith that promote social justice and inclusivity. Alongside this he has a deep interest in different Christian spiritual practices from across the globe believing in activism grounded in contemplation. As BAME rep he provides representation for BAME Christians in SCM, drawing attention to issues of race, colonialism, and Eurocentrism. 
Mickael Dickinson - Trustee Michael is a Film graduate and currently works at a college in Cornwall. He studied as an undergraduate at Falmouth University and completed a master's in film studies at the University of Sussex. After graduating he spent a year as a Chaplaincy Assistant at Keele University where he very much enjoyed his involvement with the SCM group there and working in an inclusive faith environment. From an Evangelical background Michael has more recently tended towards more progressive forms of Christian faith. He appreciates a variety of Christian traditions but has not entirely settled on one. He is (unsurprisingly) a big film fan, loves running and long walks, and enjoys trying various creative activities.
Melody Lewis - Movement Magazine Editor Portfolio Originally from North Wales, Melody has just come back from her year abroad in Argentina and will be heading into her final year studying for a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge. Her current research interests are gender in climate literature and women’s polar exploration narratives. Brought up in the Anglican Church by a Methodist family, Melody now attends the Cambridge Unitarian Church, and enjoys the laid-back, welcoming atmosphere, paired with copious amounts of tea during coffee time afterwards. In her free time Melody enjoys crafting (to varying degrees of success), listening to fashion history podcasts, and train travel.
Becca Mann - Trustee and LGBTQ+ Rep Becca is an Immunology PhD student at the University of Birmingham, after which she will continue her medical training to become a doctor. After discovering SCM in her first year of university, she hasn’t looked back and has found renewed faith, friendship and a great sense of purpose in this wonderful community. In her role as LGBTQ+ rep she will continue the work to make SCM a welcoming and affirming space for all LGBTQ+ people, something that she has benefitted so much from herself. Becca is an Anglican, ex-chorister and cathedral enthusiast and in her spare time enjoys crocheting, live music and spending time in the great outdoors.
Jennifer Blackledge - International Portfolio Jennifer has been a member of SCM since 2018 and has Studied Politics at both Strathclyde University and the University of Salford. Jennifer was raised a methodist but now attends an online Quaker meeting when she finds time. After attending the WSCF European regional assembly in Copenhagen in 2019 she fell in love with the international Ecumenical movement and has not turned her back since. When not working you can find Jennifer reading a good book, Playing Stardew Valley and visiting museums.
Siobhan Doyle: Trustee and Access & Inclusion Portfolio 
Leo Matou: Social Justice Portfolio 

If you are interested in being on General Council or want to find out more, get in touch with the office. In order to be on General Council, you must be a member of SCM. To become a member, visit our membership page.