Who We Are

Our vision is of SCM as a generous community, expressing a lived faith in Jesus Christ where social action meets prayerful devotion. We seek to be both a radical voice for equality and justice, and a safe home for progressive Christian students. 

Our work is based on four aims that express the values of our progressive faith: 

  • Creating community 
  • Deepening faith 
  • Seeking justice 
  • Celebrating diversity

To work towards our vision and aims we will: 

  • Create, support, and sustain inclusive communities where students can find a place to be and belong.
  • Offer resources and the space to grow at university and beyond as thoughtful disciples. 
  • Challenge injustice and exclusion, locally and globally, inspiring students to express Christian faith through social action and to develop as passionate activists.
  • Create leadership opportunities throughout the movement, equipping students to become progressive leaders in the Church and the world.
  • Explore progressive faith with each other, world and neighbour, creating socially engaged and scripturally rooted radical theologians. 

More about us 

SCM is a community of students, past and present, and it is community that is at the heart of who we are and how we do things. Wherever students find us and however they engage, they are our purpose; supporting them to be, and, where they are open to it, to grow in their lives and faith.

We are deeply committed to an inclusive, progressive and radical approach to the Christian faith, and this is evident throughout the organisation from a grassroots level through to the board of trustees. Our members are also who lead us, appointing their representatives to the board of Trustees and General Council, at whose meetings the vision and strategy of the charity are set. Throughout our work we seek feedback from students and listen to their voices as we move ever onwards.

Our membership is made up of an incredible diversity of people. Some gather in local communities on their university campus or at their church, others come together at a regional level through informal networks, and some members won’t have a local community, so their place of connection is through our national, especially online, work. Wherever someone connects with SCM, our values are present and our aims are worked towards. For some SCM is a place to ask hard questions and be challenged by others who are wrestling with faith and ethics. For others, it is a safe Christian space to express and settle in their queer identity. And for all, it is a place where they can simply be.

SCM is more than just a gathering place for Christian students. We are also committed to putting faith into action, and throughout our long history SCM has travelled light, devoting ourselves to the next task or cause in the evolution of Christianity. We are a movement for today, and that means campaigning on current issues of concern such as the refugee crisis, the arms trade and food injustice, and modelling LGBTQ+ celebration and pushing the church to do the same. It means giving a platform to new and established theologians who encourage us and challenge us to grow in our faith.  As we put our faith into action we often see our members becoming more confident as leaders, growing as everyday theologians, developing as activists and flourishing in their discipleship.

Resourcing the vision

The SCM trustees and staff are working hard to secure SCM’s financial future so that we can grow sustainably in this vision. If you want to find out more about how to help support SCM in this, click here.