Exploring Theology

The Courage to Be: Against Meaninglessness

7 Oct 2019

My first post in this series was about acting “in spite of” the anxiety of fate and death. If you haven’t had a look at it, I would recommend doing so (this piece will make a lot more sense if you do!). Moving on from that...

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The Courage to Be: Against Death

25 Sep 2019

Paul Tillich’s “The Courage to Be” is arguably one of the most important theological books to be published in the 20th Century, particularly in the field of non-classical theology. It’s also quite hard to read. Yet, in this blog – and two other upcoming posts – I will try and explain what...

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Moving Away From Fire and Brimstone

18 Sep 2019

When I was a teenager, I remember walking through Birmingham city centre and passing two groups of religious evangelists. One group were shouting at passersby, talking about hellfire and brimstone. The other group were engaging people who approached them in conversation. 

Guess which ones...

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Receptive Ecumenism

14 Aug 2019

Although I identify as Anglican, first and foremost I am a child of God and a believer of Christ, connected to Christians worldwide through the Holy Spirit and my baptism.  For this reason I am ecumenical at heart, and am passionate about promoting ecumenism. My experience of Church has been...

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One Diamond, Many Facets: The Richness of Diversity

1 Aug 2019

Being part of an ecumenical community is an invitation from God to see our differences as enriching, rather than as an obstacle. A journey to global love and peace-making, which is what we are called to do in our Christian life, starts with valuing the differences of those next to us. Father...

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Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places

1 Aug 2019

Well, I think the Protestant churches’ reluctance to think and talk about Mary has at least something to do with ingrained misogyny. I mean, a woman literally held God in her body. Surely that has a lot to say about female embodied-ness?

Declaring this to a close...

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Deconstructing My Faith? A Journey Through Tillich, Daly, Cone and Caputo

9 Jul 2019

In figuring out what to do immediately after all of the work for my undergraduate degree had been done, I stumbled across an online course called “Theology of Culture”. It was being run by Tripp Fuller of Homebrewed Christianity, Jake Given of...

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Not Just Ramps and Disabled Toilets: A Movement Towards the Jesus Model of Disability

3 Jul 2019

One winter’s evening almost six years ago now I found myself involved in a conversation via Facebook with a bunch of people that I did not know. It began with a thread bemoaning the lack of good Christian literature on the subject of faith and disability. This conversation carried on for several...

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A Liturgical Perspective on Climate Change

26 Jun 2019

With the news we’re hearing about climate change at the moment, it’s quite easy to feel hopeless about the situation, and not without good reason: unless sharp reductions in emissions are made within the next few decades, we face the very real possibility that the consequences of climate change...

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Do Not Hold On To Me: Reflections on Ascension

6 Jun 2019

Recently I've been reflecting on the ascension of Jesus – May 30th was the Feast of the Ascension this year, and my Church celebrated it in great style! But what does the ascension have to say to us now? As many of you will know my undergraduate degree was in Biblical Studies, and I find that...

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