Exploring Theology

Deconstructing My Faith? A Journey Through Tillich, Daly, Cone and Caputo

9 Jul 2019

In figuring out what to do immediately after all of the work for my undergraduate degree had been done, I stumbled across an online course called “Theology of Culture”. It was being run by Tripp Fuller of Homebrewed Christianity, Jake Given of...

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Not Just Ramps and Disabled Toilets: A Movement Towards the Jesus Model of Disability

3 Jul 2019

One winter’s evening almost six years ago now I found myself involved in a conversation via Facebook with a bunch of people that I did not know. It began with a thread bemoaning the lack of good Christian literature on the subject of faith and disability. This conversation carried on for several...

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A Liturgical Perspective on Climate Change

26 Jun 2019

With the news we’re hearing about climate change at the moment, it’s quite easy to feel hopeless about the situation, and not without good reason: unless sharp reductions in emissions are made within the next few decades, we face the very real possibility that the consequences of climate change...

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Do Not Hold On To Me: Reflections on Ascension

6 Jun 2019

Recently I've been reflecting on the ascension of Jesus – May 30th was the Feast of the Ascension this year, and my Church celebrated it in great style! But what does the ascension have to say to us now? As many of you will know my undergraduate degree was in Biblical Studies, and I find that...

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You Can't Buy Lent

10 Apr 2019

Is lent a journey? Is it something we need to suffer through in order to be good Christians? Is it simply a time of year, or just a period of time before Easter Sunday? Is it a second chance to succeed at the diet we abandoned in January? I’ve heard people say all of these things and more. Most...

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Prayer and Pilgrimage

What Makes a Good Prayer? Part Two

28 Mar 2019

How have you been praying this month? In the last blog post  we looked at how intention, mental and physical health, and location can all affect your prayer life. Have you noticed any differences? Are you more aware...

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What Makes A Good Prayer? Part One

20 Feb 2019

When was the last time you were satisfied with your prayer life? I suspect that for most of us prayer is something we are never completely satisfied with - we feel like we should be doing more of it, doing it for longer, and doing it with more sincerity.

Perhaps we don’t even know yet...

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Advent Hope in Dark Days

12 Dec 2018

I don't function very well in Advent. It's not so much because of the liturgical season itself, though the fierce calls for repentance in hymns and liturgy don't exactly raise the spirits. Nor is it because of the inevitable rush to write Christmas cards and wrap parcels before the last date for...

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My Favourite Saint: St Elisabeth von Thüringen

6 Dec 2018

Since moving back to my hometown in Germany, I’ve been reminded of a local Saint who was always in the background of my childhood. Her story is often taught in schools, and her image and name can be found on various regional products and businesses. However, I never really thought about her much...

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My Favourite Saint: St Porphyrios

28 Nov 2018

There are two early St Porphyrios’ celebrated in the Orthodox Church; the first known as ‘the Actor’, martyred under the emperor Aurelian in the third century, and the second known as ‘the Mime’, martyred under Julian the Apostate in the 4th century. Their stories, however, are otherwise...

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