Exploring Theology

My Favourite Saint: St Hild

22 Nov 2018

One of the advantages of studying Christian monastics from the medieval past is that you end up with a long list of favourite saints! One of my favourites is St Hild, abbess of Whitby, trainer of bishops and patron of artists. She lived in the seventh century and her life is briefly documented...

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A Biblical Look at Preparation

9 Aug 2018

I can’t really remember much about preparing for uni at the beginning of last year. I remember being worried about forgetting something I’d need and seeking out several online checklists to ensure I got hold of it all. Then of course there are other types of preparation, such as applying for...

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A Biblical Look at Rest

17 Jul 2018

We all know that we need and should take time to rest but in today’s incredibly busy 24/7 society we all know that it is difficult. I've had a look at what the Bible says and added in some suggestions which have worked for me.


By the seventh day God had finished...

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On Praying Together

14 Feb 2018

From the Song of Moses to the Our Father and beyond, prayer is shown to be a foundation stone in the Christian faith. We use it, amongst other things, to offer thanks, as a form of petition, and simply in order to maintain a dialogue with the living God. But prayer remains elusive to so many...

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Lent Me Your Ears: Perspectives on Lent (part two)

7 Feb 2018

I am extremely bad at keeping any sort of positive routine, but I also really like to read about early Church practices. This means I end up trying to do things which would be brilliant for my spiritual discipline and then “forget” about them the second I taste bacon (as my weekly fast...

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Lent Me Your Ears: Perspectives on Lent (part one)

31 Jan 2018

When I was growing up, I was told two things about Lent: first, you’ve got to give up something that’s bad for you; second, you shouldn’t resume whatever it was you gave up once Lent was over. Since I started university, I have wondered if these things are true.

My ruminations have led me...

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You means you

4 Jan 2018

The Bible is a wonderful and curious book, full of wisdom and challenges. But we can often miss the full power of the text because of one fundamental problem – our Bibles are in English.  Often, significant things get a bit lost in translation. 

One example that I will talk about in this...

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God's People on a Journey: The Big Picture of the Bible

6 Nov 2017

A friend of mine recently posted this on Facebook:

“There are two different types of Christianity, I feel. One starts with scripture and tries to shoehorn all experience of life into a biblical straightjacket (sometimes even ignoring science), and one starts with life and...

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Why We Need a More Open and Honest Theology

22 Mar 2017

In July, our friends at Modern Church are holding their annual conference, ‘God: none, one, three or many?’ It promises to be a fascinating three day event, exploring hard questions about Christianity, the nature of what we as Christians ‘believe’ about God, and whether there are fresh ways to...

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From the Archive: Five Awesome Women in the Bible

9 Mar 2017

The Bible has plenty of strong female role models - people who are fearless yet humble, generous and fiercely loyal: in short, heroes of our faith we all need to know more about. We highlight five women to get things going.


Deborah stands out as one of the...

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