Exploring Theology

5 Reasons Why Theology is Important for Non-Theology Students

6 Dec 2016

To any non-theology students, the word ‘theology’ might conjure up some intimating images: the intense study of God within the halls of academia, a subject that’s confined to lectures and seminars, where only serious study can do it justice.

But really theology is an essential part of the...

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A Call Towards A Theology of Littleness

12 Sep 2016

‘To be faithful in little things is a big thing…’

Have you ever heard a Church call itself a 'little flock'?

Today’s global Christianity is unevenly characterised on the one hand by expansion, with numbers rapidly growing in some parts of the world, and on the other hand...

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The Politics of the Cross: Part Five

23 Mar 2016

 John: A Kingdom Not of This World

John’s passion story is dominated by the excitement engendered by Lazarus’ coming back to life. All Jerusalem was agog, though it made the authorities jittery (12.9-11). Indeed they thought of getting rid of both Lazarus and Jesus. But...

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The Politics of the Cross: Part Three

23 Mar 2016

Matthew: Resistance and Challenge

Matthew, on the other hand, though dependent on Mark in many ways, gives a very different picture. Jesus comes to a strange and hostile city. ‘Who is this?’ the citizens ask (21.11). The crowd who have travelled up with Jesus form the...

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The Politics of the Cross: Part Four

23 Mar 2016
Luke: Peace and Justice

In Luke, Jesus, on his way to Jerusalem, weeps over the city: ‘Would that even today you knew the things that made for peace’ (19.42). The procession is one of triumph and praise for the mighty works they had seen: ‘Blessed be the...

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The Politics of the Cross: Part Two

23 Mar 2016

Mark: Service and Solidarity

In Mark, the procession into Jerusalem shows a king coming into his city. The crowd forms itself into a procession, singing Psalms of welcome to the Davidic king (Mk. 11.1-10; Ps. 118.26). Jesus enters the city and is depicted moving about...

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The Politics of the Cross: Part One

23 Mar 2016

Politics and Religion

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and the cleansing of the Temple were clearly enacted parables that carry overtly political overtones. Jesus, at the highpoint of the Jewish religious year- Passover- where the Roman imperial rule rubbed the hardest, was...

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An Introduction to Black Theology

15 Oct 2015

Black Theology can be broadly understood as the self-conscious attempt...

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My Favourite Theologian: Fr Kenneth Leech

21 Sep 2015

Father Kenneth Leech (1939-2015)

Sam Gibson

Father Kenneth Leech was an Anglican priest, Christian Socialist, theologian and founder of the charity Centrepoint, which works with homeless young people. His life work and life brought together three...

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My Favourite Theologian: Edward Schillebeeckx O.P.

8 Sep 2015

Edward Schillebeeckx O.P. (1914-2009)

Ross Jesmont

What does Christianity have to say to a world shaped by suffering and a western context increasingly defined by secularism? These two questions created the impetus behind the thought of Edward...

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