Faith in Action

The Refugee Campaign so far…

17 Oct 2016

At the beginning of the last academic year, SCM launched a campaign in partnership with Student Action on Refugees (STAR). The main focus was on STAR’s Equal Access campaign- lobbying the government for equal opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers in our higher education system, and...

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The Role of the Church in Declaring Black Lives Matter

10 Oct 2016

By Omari Hutchinson

The Black Lives Matter movement is firmly grounded in the context of Black American lived experience. It exists out of the context of crisis and outrage, which insists that attention be focused on Black lives because of the ways in which they are systemically...

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Affirming and Celebrating Christian LGBTQI+ Work

3 Oct 2016

On the 1st October, Caitlin from General Council and I went along to a meeting of around 30 people from different organisations and churches across the country and across the spectrum of Christian traditions, from evangelical free church to Catholic and everything in between. The thing we all...

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My Mental Health and University

3 Oct 2016

University is hard.  Whichever way you look at it, it throws a whole load of firsts at you in a very short space of time.  You start living away from home, with new people, a brand new place, a new environment and you have to cook for yourself, in a new kitchen with a band new set of cooking...

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After the Trident Vote in Parliament: What Next?

18 Aug 2016

So parliament voted to maintain nuclear weapons. Is that it? All that campaigning for nothing? Why should we continue on? Well, before you put away your banners and unlike the CND & ICAN Facebook pages, let me tell you why I think that giving up is exactly the last thing we should do. Post-...

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Why the church needs to move beyond growth

15 Aug 2016

Recently I decided to try listening to Christian radio. Yes, that’s right, despite attending Church for years now I have never listened to Christian radio before now. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to some Christian podcasts (Homebrewed Christianity is probably my favourite podcast) but I...

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Why you need to go to church this Sunday

8 Aug 2016

The recent terrorist attack in a French church that resulted in the killing of Father Jacques Hamel as he presided over a service was more than an attack on the church of any one denomination or country. It was an attack on the Kingdom of God itself. At least that was my instant gut feeling when...

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Healing Divisions: Life Post-Brexit

21 Jul 2016

The few short weeks since the result of the EU Referendum was announced has been a time of political and social turmoil, not merely in the UK but across the rest of Europe and further afield. Governments have been changed, alliances forged and sundered, communities shaken to their roots. I...

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Why use gender-inclusive language?

13 Jul 2016

When I was doing a placement at St Mark's Church in Mansfield, many people said that they wanted to start up a new pastoral care group. The vicar, Keith Hebden, and I had a chat about the need for more work on inclusion in the church. He posited the idea of combining the work on inclusion with...

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Leaning Towards Love: A Reflection on Orlando

17 Jun 2016

My first thought when I heard the news of Orlando was: We are not free. We are not safe. No-one can tell me that homophobia doesn’t exist, and that it’s not absolutely deadly.

Homophobia exists in every country, in every major religion and in almost every culture. However, now that we can...

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