Faith in Action

Idealism Vs Realism

28 Jan 2015
There is a subtle yet important difference between idealism and realism. An idealist imagines what an ideal world would look like and then takes steps accordingly towards that ideal world. A realist, on the other hand, sees the world as it really is now, and considers how to improve it, one...
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It's All About 'We'

23 Jan 2015
If you had asked my twelve-year-old self how I’d have summarised the gospel, I would have said something along these lines:
‘God loves me enough to have sent Jesus to die for my sins, so that I could know God and have a personal relationship with God, and inherit...
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'Class A' Cool

8 Jan 2015
East London is like Schrödinger’s marmite. I love it and hate it at the same time.
East London is thriving with activity. It offers an incredible wealth of art, food, and fun. It has grown into Britain’s foremost culture scene, attracting the young and ambitious from...
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From Sty To Stomach

2 Dec 2014
Stop the press! A scandal is emerging in the nation’s supermarkets! Undercover reporters have discovered a shocking truth behind the nation’s food industry. Meat bought and sold in markets up and down the country used to be alive. Ground-breaking investigation has revealed...
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The Experience Machine (Please Use Responsibly)

30 Nov 2014
Would you plug yourself into the Experience Machine, a machine that guarantees the sensation of a pleasurable life? Whilst plugged in, you get a pay rise, you find true love, and One Direction disband. Life is trouble-free. All anxiety and misery is expelled from the illusory world of the...
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Deserving Luck

27 Nov 2014

I find the balance between people saying 'you deserved that' and 'you're so lucky' a difficult one. Recognising that someone has worked hard for their achievements combined with acknowledging that actually they were in a position to be able to achieve in the first place, can be hard to justify....

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The way we use language

11 Nov 2014

Whilst on placement at Mind my primary project is the 'Wellbeing Workshops', and I also spend time building relationships with service users, seeing other groups and now I'm settled I'll be spending time visiting other mental health services in the area. As part of the process of reflecting on...

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Tweet Others As You Would Like To Be Tweeted

30 Oct 2014
“Social media has an alternative gospel to proclaim; the Kingdom of the Smartphone is at hand! Follow thy Lord - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Upvote thy neighbour as thyself. No longer will you be fishers of people; social media will make you fishers of ‘likes’.”...
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22 Oct 2014

Romans 15:7 (English Standard Version)

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you so that God will be given glory.”

This blog would've probably been more relevant a month ago, and for that I apologise, however I plead still applicable as I'm aware that...

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21 Oct 2014
Russell Brand is getting a lot of attention in recent days, and somehow he's managed to keep his clothes on while doing so. In case you've missed it, for the last seven months, he's been producing daily news features on his YouTube...
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