Faith in Action

Being a Place of Welcome

10 Sep 2015

‘The tiny victim of a human catastrophe’ said the front page of the Daily Mail last week, with a picture of the drowned Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi being carried out of the sea by a Turkish policeman. This headline came from the same paper that had for weeks been railing against incoming ‘migrants...

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Putting Faith into Action

17 Aug 2015

Some people may well think that being a Christian just means professing a faith in Jesus, but Jesus clearly said 'Follow me'. Sometimes, that means literally dropping everything like those first disciples, and doing what we feel called by God to do. It can feel risky, but often exciting, and God...

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How To Deal With Sorrow

14 Jul 2015

Almost 20 million tonnes of food is thrown away in Britain every year, while nearly 5 million people live below the poverty line. As well as being the constant base line of my Faith In Action internship here at SCM, these statistics have also been a great source of sorrow for me.


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Moral Adventure vs Spontaneous Obedience

18 Jun 2015
Do you believe in God? 
To you this might seem like the big question. It might seem like your whole identity and destiny relies on the answer to this question. I’ve certainly thought like that in the past. I’ve felt as though I have to have a really solid foundation of...
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Tesco Troubles

30 Apr 2015
Last week, Tesco reported a loss of £6.4 billion for the year to the end of February - the worst year in the retailer’s history. Annual group trading profit, which counts sales through the supermarket’s tills, was down 60% at £1.4 billion, compared with £3.3 billion a year earlier. Paul Thomas...
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Foodcycle Interview

17 Apr 2015
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Voting Isn't the Be-All and End-All of Politics

9 Apr 2015
Royal Holloway University, my alma mater, has been running a social media campaign, #votebecause, in which students share the reasons why they are voting in the General Election next month. The results of the campaign...
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What's For Breakfast?

16 Mar 2015
Today’s blogpost is a challenge for us all.
Take a long, hard look at your breakfast this morning.
What are you eating? Where has it come from? Whose hands has it gone through? How long is the chain between farm and fork, between soil and spoon...
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The Food Waste Fight Heads North

9 Mar 2015
It was as a fresher, sitting in the south quadrangle of Royal Holloway University, that the reality of food waste first appeared on my radar. ‘Look at these stats - 67 sandwiches, 101 bottles of fruit juice - it’s insane’, my friend lamented, waving her papers before me. She had got hold of...
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