Faith in Action

Voting Isn't the Be-All and End-All of Politics

9 Apr 2015
Royal Holloway University, my alma mater, has been running a social media campaign, #votebecause, in which students share the reasons why they are voting in the General Election next month. The results of the campaign...
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What's For Breakfast?

16 Mar 2015
Today’s blogpost is a challenge for us all.
Take a long, hard look at your breakfast this morning.
What are you eating? Where has it come from? Whose hands has it gone through? How long is the chain between farm and fork, between soil and spoon...
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The Food Waste Fight Heads North

9 Mar 2015
It was as a fresher, sitting in the south quadrangle of Royal Holloway University, that the reality of food waste first appeared on my radar. ‘Look at these stats - 67 sandwiches, 101 bottles of fruit juice - it’s insane’, my friend lamented, waving her papers before me. She had got hold of...
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The Reason for the Season

23 Feb 2015

I recently asked someone if they were planning on giving something up or taking something on for Lent. They seemed slightly taken aback and pointed out that they weren't "religious" and as such, obviously (in their opinion) they wouldn't be doing anything for Lent. Which in turn took me aback; I...

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The Latest Hit on Broadway Market

6 Feb 2015
If you had to cater for a gathering of five thousand people you’d be forgiven for having a bit of a panic. How much food should we get? How hungry are our guests going to be? How much choice should we provide? Which drinks should we offer? Do we need to accommodate for babies? How many...
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Take Five

5 Feb 2015

Time to Change have launched a nationwide initiative today called 'Time to Talk'. On this Thursday 5th February, they're asking everyone to take five minutes to have a conversation with someone about mental health. You can find out more about the project and get a resource pack on the...

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Idealism Vs Realism

28 Jan 2015
There is a subtle yet important difference between idealism and realism. An idealist imagines what an ideal world would look like and then takes steps accordingly towards that ideal world. A realist, on the other hand, sees the world as it really is now, and considers how to improve it, one...
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It's All About 'We'

23 Jan 2015
If you had asked my twelve-year-old self how I’d have summarised the gospel, I would have said something along these lines:
‘God loves me enough to have sent Jesus to die for my sins, so that I could know God and have a personal relationship with God, and inherit...
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'Class A' Cool

8 Jan 2015
East London is like Schrödinger’s marmite. I love it and hate it at the same time.
East London is thriving with activity. It offers an incredible wealth of art, food, and fun. It has grown into Britain’s foremost culture scene, attracting the young and ambitious from...
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From Sty To Stomach

2 Dec 2014
Stop the press! A scandal is emerging in the nation’s supermarkets! Undercover reporters have discovered a shocking truth behind the nation’s food industry. Meat bought and sold in markets up and down the country used to be alive. Ground-breaking investigation has revealed...
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