Faith in Action

The Greatest Speech of all Time?

1 Mar 2022

Chaplin’s full speech: [Best Version] The Great Dictator Speech - Charlie Chaplin + Time - Hans Zimmer (INCEPTION Theme) - YouTube  

For our third Everyday Theology blog we discussed Paolo Nutini’s song Iron Sky (2014...

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Spotting the Signs of FGM (plus, how to take appropriate action)

4 Feb 2022

Since 2012 the UN has designated the 6th...

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The Anthropology of FGM

2 Feb 2022

The Anthropology of FGM 

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has been around for thousands of years. It refers to the cutting or removal of a female’s external genitals for non-medical purposes.  

According to the United Nations, an estimated 200 million women and...

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Srebrenica–Potočari Memorial and Cemetery for the Victims of the 1995 Genocide

Looking Towards a Future with No Genocide

25 Jan 2022

Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD), which falls every year on the 27th January, is a day in which we remember the estimated six million Jews killed during the Holocaust, along with the other groups who were targeted as a result of Nazi persecution, including but not limited to those who were disabled...

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Timeline

19 Jan 2022

Have a read of our social media post about The Resistance (posted on 17th January). It offers an introduction to three major people from Bonhoeffer’s life who will be mentioned in this timeline.   

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The...

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Earth is a mess, y'all: Putting Faith Into Action Isn’t Always Easy

13 Jan 2022

There is a brilliant scene in Season Three, episode 11, of the Netflix show ‘The Good Place’ in which the characters discuss the difficulty of...

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu – A Life Lived Through Faith in Action

11 Jan 2022

The 2021 Christmas period became a little more sombre for me when, on the 26th December, I read the news that Archbishop Desmond Tutu had passed away. While the news of Tutu’s death at the grand old age of 90 was not necessarily surprising, it still felt like the world became a little bit darker...

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Recipes at the Ready!

6 Jan 2022

We’re really excited to announce that in 2022, as part of our food campaign, SCM will be developing our very own ethical cookbook! However, we can’t do this alone. To paraphrase Lord Kitchener, we need you! Or more specifically, we need your recipes.  

Throughout January we will...

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The Story of a Refugee

20 Dec 2021

No room left at the inn 

Every year schools across the country perform the Nativity: the story of a child, born of a virgin, in a stable surrounded by sheep and cattle, shepherds and wise men.  

Understandably, the character often excluded from this child-friendly ...

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