Faith in Action

Resolutions for a Better World

19 Dec 2019

The end of this year has felt pretty rough. I don’t know what further excitement awaits between now and 2020, but today as I’m writing Boris Johnson has been sharing his new plans for the country, we’ve heard the promise this morning that Brexit will be done by the end of January, Trump is...

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So Let's Speak

17 Dec 2019

The 1910 World Missionary Conference is often mistakenly pinpointed as the beginning of the ecumenical movement. Despite the fact that the conference wasn’t particularly denominationally representative itself, the gathering did inspire an influx of ecumenical energy and initative, facilitated...

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Faith and the General Election (Revisited)

10 Dec 2019

Voting in the Kingdom of God

I love Britain. I think it’s a wonderful country to live in, and I’m grateful to say that this beautiful island is my home.  However, when I look around, I can scarcely claim that it looks like the Kingdom of God.  For a start, it’s fantastically unequal.  ...

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Low Carbon Christmas

6 Dec 2019

The climate crisis feels to be constantly in the headlines and in many of our minds at the moment, as we struggle to find signs of hope in what looks to be a very frightening future. Leeds Methodist Mission and Leeds Church Institute wanted to create some space for people to learn, share and...

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Lest We Remember

6 Nov 2019

In these past few years, the run up to Remembrance Day has brought about arguments on my Facebook timeline about the colour of the poppies people choose to wear. Remembrance poppies are deeply symbolic, and hold a lot of meaning for a lot of people in different ways. Whether or not you wear a...

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No Faith in War: Reflections from the Arms Fair

15 Oct 2019

The presence of God is all around us. The difficult thing is being aware of her presence. Sat in the middle of a road, surrounded by people, singing and praying – I felt her presence. As the police began arresting Quakers in the middle of an act of worship – I felt her presence. Hearing the...

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Bonhoeffer: The Man Behind the Hero

7 Oct 2019

I find that the best part of In Our Time is the extra five minutes at the end of the podcast version, where guests can raise issues around the subject that there wasn’t time for in the main radio show. The episode on Dietrich Bonhoeffer ...

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Protests for Peace and Campaigns for the Climate: Faith in Action Update

19 Sep 2019

Protesting for Peace: DSEI 2019

On the 3rd of September SCM members joined me at the DSEI Arms Fair to protest the sale of weapons to known human rights abusers. This event, sponsored by the British government, brings together some of the biggest dealers of weapons and security...

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The What? and How? of Evangelism

27 Aug 2019

“Are you saved?” the street preacher asked, looking suspiciously at my glittery nails. After I said yes, we both looked at each other in awkward silence: he couldn’t believe the glitter-man was a Christian, and I couldn’t believe people still do the whole turn-or-burn on the streets. Whilst the...

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