Faith in Action

More in Common

22 Jun 2017

These past few weeks I have been sad, angry and asking questions. With Grenfell, the terror attacks in Manchester and London, and the recent attack on the Finsbury park Mosque. At times, it all feels too much. It’s in these moments that I look to my Christian faith and ask what Jesus would do....

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Getting Together and Building Community

19 Jun 2017

This weekend marked one year since the tragic death of Jo Cox MP, a brilliant lady who fought for justice, equality and unity throughout her time as a politician, and who inspired many people in her community. On the anniversary of her death, local communities up and down the country took part...

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Brexit, Division and Social Cohesion: One Year On

14 Jun 2017

Jesus knew all about social divisions coarsened by national disappointment. Yes, the Somewheres (#MakeIsraelGreatAgain) were oppressed by the Anywheres (the globe-trotting Roman elite). His response was personal encounter.

So thousands of Christians (and the CUF...

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A reflection on International Conscientious Objector Day

22 May 2017

May 15th is celebrated by many peace organisations as the International Conscientious Objector Day, a celebration which we should use as a starting point to reflect on the depths of Christian tradition and history when it comes to political theology, and the issues of war and...

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An International Ban on Nuclear Weapons?

15 May 2017

Nuclear weapons are criminal

Nuclear weapons have only been deployed in warfare twice- both times by the US on Japan at the end of the Second World War. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed almost immediately, and many more have died since from radiation and cancer related...

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GE 2017: Two SCM Members Put Forward Their Political Viewpoints

9 May 2017

Who is my neighbour? – Adam Spiers

In their pastoral letter released prior to the 2015 general election, the Church of England’s bishops attempt to offer guidance to Anglicans as they prepare to vote.  ‘...

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How my Faith Changed at University: Learning and Growing

4 May 2017

Before I came to the University of Exeter, I was terrified of being a Christian at university. I had heard horror stories about university being a festering pool of Godlessness! Within weeks of my first term, I found that to be woefully inaccurate: I suffered no persecution for my faith even...

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How My Faith Changed at University: Finding a Community of Faith and Action

4 May 2017

Before I started University I didn’t have any Christian friends. I was the youngest in my church by about 20 years- the youth groups had died out long before I got there. Although I never doubted my faith, by the time I finished school I was finding more use from my daily Bible readings than...

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Teach Peace Campaign: Essex Progressive Christians

4 May 2017

This year our society has been studying how to read the Bible, and especially how important it is to read it in light of our loving, non-violent Jesus. It was only natural that we would focus our campaigning on teaching peace as well. Faith requires action as well as words.

So, we asked...

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How my Faith Changed at University: Encountering the Love of God

25 Apr 2017

Living in the UK has been a completely new experience for me compared to back home in South Korea. I was brought up in a Christian family which means I went to church every week because I was told to. Without truly knowing why I was going to church, I started playing the piano in band and also...

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