Faith in Action

A Theological Perspective on Remembrance and Awareness

29 Nov 2021

World AIDS Day 

A Theological Perspective on Remembrance and Awareness 

AIDS, known medically in the UK as Advanced HIV, refers to the stage in which a sufferer’s immune system has become so weakened by the virus HIV that they can no longer resist...

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Why you should Rock the Red Ribbon this World AIDS Day

25 Nov 2021

What is the red ribbon and what is its history?  

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Prince - The Cross

19 Nov 2021

The song:

The song’s lyrics: 

Prince was one of the eighties greatest stars and...

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Why Wear a White Poppy?

9 Nov 2021

This Thursday, like every other 11th November since 1919, people across the country will meet the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month with a two-minute silence, marking the time at which the guns ceased firing on the Western Front during World War One. As a further mark of...

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Remember, Remember the 5th November

5 Nov 2021

Remember, remember the 5th November  

Every year, on the 5th November, people across the UK gather in fields to watch the fireworks, dance with sparklers and eat toffee apples as a crude caricature of Guy Fawkes burns atop a bonfire. Often referred to interchangeably as...

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COP 26: Action & Events Round-Up

29 Oct 2021


The Global Day of Action is a series of grassroots-organised events taking place on Saturday 6 November 2021. Campaigners and climate activists will be demanding that governments and corporations limit global temperatures to 1.5°C, and deliver real and just...

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When Theological Thinking Ceases to be Theory

26 Oct 2021

SCM are beginning a new long-term campaign to support refugees. In order to understand the importance of theological thinking when campaigning, we first need to understand the legality behind justice and injustice alike. Our first two blogs will help with this, so if you've not yet read them you...

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The Nationality and Borders Bill: What is a Bill?

20 Oct 2021

What is a Bill and how is it passed? 

A Bill is a proposal to Parliament to create or update an existing law. It must pass several stages before this can happen. For Bills that start in the House of Commons, as the Nationality and Borders Bill did, this includes a first reading in ...

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I Was a Stranger and You Invited Me In: The Nationality and Borders Bill Campaign

7 Oct 2021

Our Long-Term Campaign  

Here at SCM we are in the process of developing a potential new long-term campaign to sit alongside the short-term two-year campaign voted on by the members (currently focusing on food justice).  For this long-term campaign, SCM are creating a social action plan...

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