Faith in Action

Dealing with Depression at Christmas

20 Dec 2016

It is slightly farcical that I should be writing for SCM at all. I dropped out of university. At the time of dropping out I did not want anything to do with academia ever again. For a brief period, I flirted with the idea of going back- but then I remembered and was reminded of...

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Holiday Hunger: What is it? How can your church respond?

19 Dec 2016

Think back to the days of your school holidays, what do you picture? Is it family holidays to the same (sometimes rainy) spot in Cornwall each year? Maybe you sat for hours in the back of a car, suitcases crammed in behind you? Did you spend your days with friends in sunny back gardens? I have a...

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Welcoming Refugees in the Syrian Kitchen at All Hallows Church

14 Dec 2016

For two years, All Hallows Church in Leeds has been running a Real Junk Food Café as part of their community outreach. The idea behind it is simple: food that would otherwise go to waste is instead used to cook delicious meals for local...

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How to spread the love and goodwill this Christmas!

12 Dec 2016

It’s been a tough year for many of us. The shock of the Brexit vote in the UK and the horror of President-Trump-in-waiting in the US have left us reeling. The stress of this year has almost certainly dragged us into some horrible arguments online and in person. We may be worried about the stress...

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Faith and Frontiers Today

15 Nov 2016

On 5 November I attended Project Bonhoeffer’s event, ‘Faith and Frontiers Today’, which left a lot of room for theological thought. Firstly, Esther Reed’s talk on transnationalism and the work of Bonhoeffer was interesting and led me to question key things that I had come to understand about the...

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‘Feed my Sheep!’ – SCM joins End Hunger UK campaign

31 Oct 2016

The Scandal of Food Poverty

In John’s Gospel, Jesus asks Peter three times ‘Do you love me?’ and then says ‘Feed my sheep’ (John 21:16-17). The number three is important in the Bible – the cock crows three times when Peter disowns Jesus; Jesus rises on the third day; and...

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Confronted With Christ (In a Full Dress Kilt)

31 Oct 2016

On a Friday night in October, Christ confronted me in a full Dress Kilt.

From 14-16 October, SCM Glasgow hosted the SCM Scotland gathering at Wellington Church in the heart of Glasgow’s West End and the University of Glasgow campus. On the Friday night we gathered for introductions before...

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The Refugee Campaign so far…

17 Oct 2016

At the beginning of the last academic year, SCM launched a campaign in partnership with Student Action on Refugees (STAR). The main focus was on STAR’s Equal Access campaign- lobbying the government for equal opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers in our higher education system, and...

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The Role of the Church in Declaring Black Lives Matter

10 Oct 2016

By Omari Hutchinson

The Black Lives Matter movement is firmly grounded in the context of Black American lived experience. It exists out of the context of crisis and outrage, which insists that attention be focused on Black lives because of the ways in which they are systemically...

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Affirming and Celebrating Christian LGBTQI+ Work

3 Oct 2016

On the 1st October, Caitlin from General Council and I went along to a meeting of around 30 people from different organisations and churches across the country and across the spectrum of Christian traditions, from evangelical free church to Catholic and everything in between. The thing we all...

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