Faith in Action

No-one left behind, everyone respected : A reflection on Brexit

3 Apr 2017


I’ve recently been encouraging SCM students and members to try their hand at ‘Faith Reflection’. This is another name for Theological Reflection, which is a way of reflecting deeply on the world and our...

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Malvern Science and Faith Weekend, and the Politics of Hope

28 Mar 2017

By SCM member Julian Wood

The Malvern Science and Faith Weekend is an annual weekend (always the first weekend in March) set up and organised by Andrew Webb and others. It is intended to be a forum for people to learn and think about the twin elements of science and faith, and...

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Vocation: a Summons to Live and Love

21 Mar 2017

“What am I do to with my life?” This question is one that has agonised many a young (and not-so-young) person throughout the millenia of human civilisation, especially in times and personal circumstances where a significant degree of freedom in choosing how to live one's life is present.


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Reflections from the Rainbow picket line

12 Mar 2017

By Kenneth Wilkinson-Roberts

Much has been said about the General Synod’s decision to not take note of the Bishop’s report following the two year process of Shared Conversations on Human Sexuality. On all sides of the debate passionate pleas for acceptance have been made;...

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On refusing

9 Feb 2017

I was cautiously optimistic on Election Day here in California. I went to work in a ceremonial pantsuit, never having worn one before, and saw lots of others doing the same. Many more people mentioned it, and when they did, I felt warm. Pantsuit Nation was going to carry this thing. Watching the...

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Who Brings About Change?

6 Feb 2017

On 27 January I was lucky enough to participate in a meeting organised by Ruth Wilde from SCM for students from both the Methodist and Catholic societies to meet with Gisela Stuart MP to discuss the issue of food poverty.

It was initially a rather surreal experience to directly discuss...

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What on earth is going on in the US and what can we do?

1 Feb 2017

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross” 

The above quote rings very true, especially now that Trump and his far-right cronies have taken over government. It is attributed to US novelist Sinclair Lewis, and captures the essence of his dystopian...

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How nonviolent communication can build community

1 Feb 2017

In a blog before Christmas, I touched briefly on the importance of using ‘nonviolent communication’ (NVC) and not shouting...

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The European Inter-Faith Youth Network: Striving Towards a United Planet

18 Jan 2017

There is enough strife in the world today and, despite all the good intentions and efforts around the world to bring about unity, religion remains one of the dividing lines that creates continued violence and sadness around the globe. Ensuring peace and stability remains a continued challenge...

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Dealing with Depression at Christmas

20 Dec 2016

It is slightly farcical that I should be writing for SCM at all. I dropped out of university. At the time of dropping out I did not want anything to do with academia ever again. For a brief period, I flirted with the idea of going back- but then I remembered and was reminded of...

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