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Rach's Diary - A Time to Rest

25 Nov 2016

You may have noticed that I've not blogged in a full two weeks. Maybe it was to let you catch up with all my adventures, but mostly it was because I have been resting. 

I'd got to a stage where I'd worked so many hours over my normal working week that the only way to balance my time sheet...

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Rach's Diary - That's What Its All About

10 Nov 2016

There is a board in St Peter's House that shows the times that the chaplains are in during the week. They don't need to know my movements in such detail so I just write up whether I'm 'In' or 'Out' of Manchester each day. Someone has funnily followed this with the line 'shake it all about!

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Just some of the SCM goodies I've left in Lancaster

Rach's Diary - A Trip Down Memory Lane

4 Nov 2016

I don't have children, but one thing I know is that you aren't meant to have favourites. I'm guessing the same is true for regional workers and cities.

At my interview, and any time I've been asked about what excites me about this job, I talk about the North West. When I applied to...

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Rach's Diary - a relaxing time in Leeds

1 Nov 2016

October finished with a three train day (final numbers for October - 76 trains, 9 trams, 8 buses and 1 subway) and a trip to Leeds. This had orginally been planned as part of my induction and got delayed till yesterday. 

My diary seems to go in cycles; this last fortnight was much quieter...

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Rach's Diary: A week in Manchester

27 Oct 2016

This week I've been calling a Manchester week. Aside from Tuesday, when I did my regular trip to Birmingham to see the team and pick up yet more copies of Movement, I've been based in Manchester at St Peter's House Chaplaincy.

This means I've had more of a 9-5 (ish) routine and...

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Encountering Beauty, Diversity and Community at SCM’s Scotland Gathering 2016

25 Oct 2016

So two weekends ago I went to my first ever SCM event – the Scotland Gathering in Glasgow. I’ve been a member of the SCM Facebook group for a while, but this was my chance to take the plunge and join in properly – and I loved it!

As soon as I arrived I knew I was in for a good time....

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Rach's Diary - talks, tissues and even more trains

20 Oct 2016

Last time I blogged I was in the middle of 7 full on days. If you recall I'd spent time in Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield. Thursday evening took me to a talk by Brian McLaren about his new book The Great Spiritual...

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All Are Welcome: Prayers for Student Sunday

20 Oct 2016

We are called to welcome everyone into the life of our churches and communities. Throughout the Gospels, we see this demonstrated by Jesus – bringing people together and inviting them in with open arms.

That’s why our theme for Student Sunday next year (19 February 2017) will be ‘All Are...

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Rach's Diary - Over the Pennines

13 Oct 2016

Train update for October, 33 trains, 5 trams, and still just 2 buses.

This last week; I've had coffee with an URC minister to talk about becoming a Link Church (and I'm now booked in to preach at his church in June 2017), I've met an SCM friend and found a new cafe, it was really...

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Rach's Diary - A Day in Liverpool

6 Oct 2016

I've heard it said 'join the church and see the world'. In this case it's join SCM and see the North West (and Birmingham)! The photo is from my weekly train to Birmingham, it always makes me smile.

On Wednesday I spent the day in Liverpool. I basically had to meet strangers in places I...

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