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An Open Letter from SCM to the Church of England Living in Love and Faith and Next Steps groups

20 Sep 2021

An Open Letter from SCM to the Church of England Living in Love and Faith and Next Steps groups

Dear Siblings in Christ,

The Student Christian Movement is a progressive student-led community, committed to putting faith in action. We represent the voices of many...

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A Statement on the Church in Wales' Decision to Bless Same Sex Marriages

7 Sep 2021

The Student Christian Movement celebrates the news that the Church in Wales has formally agreed to bless same-sex marriages. Yesterday, the Governing Body voted in favour of a bill allowing services of blessing to couples in same-sex marriages.

During yesterday’s proceedings, many spoke...

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A Global Community: Updates from the WSCF Virtual EGA

30 Aug 2021

This summer, I represented SCM at the Extraordinary Virtual General Assembly of the World Student Christian Federation, which took place between July 29 and July 31. Delegates from across all regions of the federation came together to worship, study, and elect new officers to the leadership team...

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Waiting in Hope: A Look Back at the National Gathering

26 Jul 2021

Two weeks ago (and three months later than originally scheduled), 25 students and SCM staff arrived in Ledbury to reflect on the theme of Waiting in Hope through talks, worship and Lego.

From the moment of my arrival, it was clear we would be having a good time together. Many of the...

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Optimism and Hope

26 Jul 2021

I have to be honest; I was not particularly optimistic about this year’s national gathering going ahead. Despite this I remained quietly hopeful that I might get the chance to top-up my extrovert meter - seamlessly jumping between sharing deep theological reflection and ridiculous quiz rounds...

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Congratulations to the Methodist conference!

1 Jul 2021

The Student Christian Movement are delighted by today’s news that the Methodist Conference has approved same-sex marriage within its churches. This decision comes as a welcome change to LGBTQ+ individuals and their families, as well as allies, who have been advocating for this change for many...

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SCM Britain's Statement on the Situation in Palestine

20 May 2021

SCM Britain celebrates the news of a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, but we recognise that this is the first step and not the last. We stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and call upon SCM members and the wider Church to continue to learn about what’s happening, raise...

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A New Partnership: Iona Community and SCM

21 Apr 2021

6:15am. It is just getting light outside. Ahead of us is a 7-hour drive North, 2 ferries and a drive across an island.

Several months before this day, we were on a walk talking about Christian communities and what they can offer young adults. We talked of how justice and faith...

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SCM Statement on Nuclear Weapons

18 Mar 2021

Following the announcement of new plans to increase potential for nuclear weapons by the UK government, the General Council of the Student Christian Movement have issued the following statement:

"The UK government has announced plans to allow for the expansion of the Trident nuclear...

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A response to the Church of England’s ‘Living in Love and Faith’ resources

9 Nov 2020

Following the Church of England’s recent publication of resources on gender and sexuality, the Student Christian Movement reaffirm our core values of seeking justice and celebrating diversity. In this context, this...

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