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Emma's Diary: New Beginnings

26 Jun 2018

I’ve been working with SCM for about a month now, so I thought it was about time I introduced myself properly. I’m Emma, and I’ve taken on the role of Regional Development Worker (North-East) and Faith in Action Project Lead (how’s that for a job title and a half!) I’m based in Leeds, and...

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Rach's Diary - A meal out in Manchester

11 Jun 2018

With term all but ended I've done some last chance visits to see students. I spent a wonderful Wednesday evening in Lancaster with the SCM group there exploring what campaign work could be done. It was great to see their passion for Love the Earth and we even did some theological reflection into...

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SCM's Big Church Day Out Debut

6 Jun 2018

The Big Church Day Out (BCDO) has been on our radar as a place to exhibit at for a little while, given that it is such a well-attended event by people from so many church backgrounds.  So, after organising some awesome students in the form of Curtis and Josh (SCM members from Newman Uni) to come...

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Community Pride Service in Birmingham

1 Jun 2018

The New Inclusive Church Birmingham is a burgeoning new church community that is dedicated to sharing the news of God's radical love in the heart of the city. On 20th May, they held their first Pride service at Carrs Lane Church in the heart of the...

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Rach's Diary - Perks of the job

21 May 2018

Now don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy my job. But, I do work hard and there aren't that many perks, unless you count seeing the beautiful North West of England out of a train window! So when I was given the opportunity to spend a week in sunny Sicily with WSCF Europe I did not say no. My...

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SCM at Big Church Day Out

17 May 2018
If you’re not familiar with the Big Church Day Out here is a bit of a break down; it’s the UK’s largest annual gathering of the wider church that creates a space for all denominations and ages to gather each year for two days of worship and celebration. Whack in a few tents and a couple of...
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Five Days in Palermo: Uniting with SCMs across Europe.

14 May 2018

Last week, Rach and I embarked on a trip to Palermo, the capital city of the island of Sicily. Not for a holiday, but to attend a meeting of European SCMs organised by the World Student Christian Federation (Europe), which was providing training on how to recognise and combat hate speech,...

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Rach's Diary - Both Sides of the River

3 May 2018

As is often the case in my role, each week has a different feel. Last week I got to spend more time with people and this week more time with my computer. Last week was mostly in Manchester and this week mostly in Salford. It's not that I've not seen people this week or only sat at my desk last...

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WSCF calls for Peace in Gaza and denounces the action of the Israeli Government

24 Apr 2018

This week, the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), the global body of which SCM Britain is a member, released a statement regarding the ongoing situation in the Gaza Strip and denouncing the recent deadly actions of the Israeli Government. The statement reads:

The World...

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Rach's Diary - Easter time

19 Apr 2018

The season of Easter is a strange time in the SCM office. Students are stressed, Church Leaders shattered and Chaplains are making the most of a well earned break and none of them want to talk to us. I too have had some time off to spend with my family and helping out at my local holiday club...

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