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Rach's Diary - Commuter: Ninja Level - Unlocked

1 Feb 2018

Since my last blog I've had three days in Birmingham which were packed with helping out with mailing week; putting initial ideas together about a new resource for schools and youth groups with Rob, our SCM Connect Project Worker; and having my monthly review meeting with Simon, SCM's National...

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Rach's Diary - Quiet January

15 Jan 2018

It was over 16 months ago when it was first mentioned I could keep a diary blog to let you all know what it is like being a regional worker for SCM. Most blogs have been packed full of interesting people and exciting train journeys and now some I use to reflect on what I've seen, heard, thought...

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Reflecting on A Light for All

3 Jan 2018

I was nervous to attend A Light for All.  It feels strange to write that, but it is the truth.  I’ve spent much of the last four years completing a PhD in Religious Studies.  I began my PhD feeling optimistic about Christianity and its role in social justice.  I ended feeling jaded and cynical....

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Rach's Diary - SCM Christmas

11 Dec 2017

After a long weekend off it always takes some time to get back into the swing of work, and last Monday flew by in a mixture of catching up with emails, attending the St Peter's House Team meeting and preparing for other meetings later in the week.

Tuesday trains 853-856 got me to...

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SCM welcomes a new Fundraising and Communications Officer to the team!

4 Dec 2017

SCM is pleased to announce that Jenna Nicholas has taken up the post of SCM's Fundraising and Communications Officer. "We're really excited that Jenna is joining the staff team in this role," said Simon Densham, SCM's National Coordinator. "As the movement continues to grow and reach more...

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Rach's Diary - Special Saturdays and the Weeks Inbetween

27 Nov 2017

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy in Manchester, and the weekends have been action packed too!

The first week was Interfaith Week, and you can read my reflections on that on my last blog. During that week I also met...

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A Light For All - Students Gather in Lancaster to explore the Bible

21 Nov 2017

Last weekend, students from around the North West gathered in Lancaster for SCM’s ‘A Light for All’ gathering. Coordinated by Rach Collins, SCM's North West Regional Development Worker, alongside members of SCM Leeds, the day event looked at various aspects of the Bible and was also the first...

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SCM to expand work with churches and young people.

9 Nov 2017

SCM is pleased to announce the addition of an SCM Connect Project Worker to the staff team, thanks to generous support from the Methodist Church. The post was created to develop SCM's work with churches and young people, and will help SCM to reach more students to support them through their...

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Rach's Diary - Lots of People

8 Nov 2017

It might not come as a surprise to you, but I'm an extrovert. It is, therefore, always a pleasure for me to see my calendar full of meetings and people, and for much of the past few weeks this is how my calendar has looked. One highlight was meeting up with SCM Friend and Council of Reference...

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Rach's Diary - Working 9-5?!

23 Oct 2017

In the week beginning 9th October, and for the first time in my working life, I worked five days in a row, all of them in one office, working 9-5 each day! I quickly followed it up with a week where I travelled to Birmingham, Stafford and Alfreton, as well as two days based at my desk in...

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