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SCM to be Associate Partner of Centre for Theology and Justice

15 May 2017

SCM is teaming up with the Centre for Theology and Justice, a new collaborative initiative based in Manchester that will resource justice work and theological connections between organisations across Britain.

The project has four main partners – Luther King House, Christian Aid, Church...

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Want to involve students and young people in building the common good? Let’s start by forming real, honest communities

15 May 2017

As Christians, if we want to start building the common good, we must begin with the church – they are an integral part of local life, meeting people where they are to share the love of God and bring disparate communities together as one body.

At SCM, we want to see churches embracing the...

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Rach's Diary - Back on the rails

11 May 2017

The last couple of weeks have been quite full on. As well as all the normal team meetings (both at SCM HQ and St Peter's House), emails and planning I have to do, I've spent a lot of time since I last did a diary blog on the rails. So much so that I've travelled on my 500th train!

Here is...

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Encounter: An SCM Gathering in Durham

2 May 2017

On a beautiful Saturday in the city of Durham, students came together to worship God, learn from one another and spend time in fellowship. The event was a collaboration between three SCM student groups – St. Oswald’s student group in Durham, Durham Methodist Society and York Christian Focus....

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Rach's Diary - April at my desk

20 Apr 2017

I started April by taking some annual leave, which I filled with a conference, two weddings and three days of a holiday club. Since then I've not worked a full week, with bank holidays for Easter and a bit of TOIL to use up -  I'm getting accustomed to three and a half or four day working weeks...

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Rach's Diary - What a Picture

30 Mar 2017

Whenever I get asked what I do at work, I always say that every day is different. This is still the case. I've recently been a bit more grounded in Manchester, but my job still has a great variety to it. 

Last Thursday SCM Manchester had a social evening so we ate pizza and played a card...

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Rach's Diary - Called to be and beyond

22 Mar 2017

Last time I blogged I was one day away from the biggest weekend I've had with SCM, 'Called to be...' the Student Gathering in Manchester. You can read how we summed it up, or how...

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#EndHungerUK Update: Expanding the Food Exchange Project at Birmingham University

21 Mar 2017

As a follow up to the productive meeting with Gisela Stuart MP in January, students from Cathsoc, Angsoc and Methsoc at the University of Birmingham met with Ben Bailey,...

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Vocation Is For Everyone

20 Mar 2017

The last three years of my life have seen more all-nighters, last-minute panics, existential crises, terrible essays, and general laziness than (almost) the rest of my life. They have also seen more joy, hard work, excitement, deep friendship, country walks, self-belief and discovery than the...

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Exploring Vocation at ‘Called to be’ SCM Gathering in Manchester

14 Mar 2017

We were thrilled to bring together students from across Britain for an SCM Gathering in Manchester, where they heard from Fr Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., who spoke on the theme of vocation and calling. The event took place from 10-12 March 2017, and brought together over thirty students from...

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