Reflections and Stories

The Keys to Discerning Your Vocation

13 Mar 2017

Did you ever sing the children’s church song, ‘prayer is like a telephone’?

Prayer is like a telephone, for us to speak to Jesus
Prayer is like a telephone, for us to speak to God
Pick it up and use it every day!
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International Women’s Day 2017: We Are All Called by God

7 Mar 2017

A few weeks ago, the children at the Church which my family attend on Sunday mornings were asked – who, living or dead, real or fictional, would they most like to share a coffee with? The winner was Michelle Obama. As surprised as I was that this group of tweenies would shun available popstars...

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Inspirational Women: St Hilda of Whitby

6 Mar 2017

Over the past year I’ve found myself being drawn again to the Northumbrian saints of the so-called Dark Ages. This was partly prompted by a realisation that Oswestry, one of the nearest towns to where I now live, is named for St Oswald, and is said to be where he died in battle. It grew further...

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The Joy of Lent

1 Mar 2017

I once heard Lent described as a three-legged stool comprising of fasting, penance, and almsgiving. Take any single leg away, and it tips the other two off balance and renders the whole thing useless. When I first heard this, I was surprised: almsgiving is a part of Lent? Isn’t it all about...

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One student’s story of faith in Liverpool

20 Feb 2017

I started the journey to find a church in Liverpool at the very start of my second year. I’d grown up in a Church of England family and had decided to get confirmed at 17, but in my first year I’d never even looked for a church in Liverpool; I hardly remember the thought crossing my mind. It had...

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All Are Welcome: Lessons from Roller Derby

14 Feb 2017

Eighteen months ago I took a big leap of faith and moved to a new city where I knew no-one. As such, finding communities that offered a welcome was really important to my feeling comfortable and at home.

I quickly joined two communities – a local church and a roller derby team.


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Belonging: Finding Space for Room

13 Feb 2017

“And on this rock I shall build my church” (Matthew 16:18)

As I leave the walls of church behind me, in the ice-cold wind, I ponder. For indeed each brick found a place to belong to the next, as churches were constructed all over the land, in such abundance. Beautiful architecture of its...

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All Are Welcome: Nathan's Story

7 Feb 2017

In 2006, my mum, a Methodist minister, was appointed to be the minister for a couple of churches in and around Hexham – a small market town in rural Northumberland. With this being my mum’s first appointment, it was a big change for all of the family. For me, it was a scary but exciting time....

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The Challenge of Welcome

1 Feb 2017

“We are a welcoming church” is something churches often use to describe our congregations - but if we are honest, it’s easier said than done. Welcome is an interesting word, with meanings around greeting, invitation, and hospitality. On one level, a welcome is fairly easy - a friendly hello does...

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What It Means To Be Accepted

25 Jan 2017

I was born in Italy in a Catholic family and environment. My parents cared a lot about my spiritual wellbeing, making me go to Sunday school every week to learn the teachings of Jesus. From as early as I can remember, I could feel a difference between things I used to hear at Church and things I...

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