Reflections and Stories

Why My Path to Prayer Is More of a Long and Winding Road

28 Feb 2019

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is reported to have at least once uttered the words, “I am far too busy to pray for less than two hours a day.” While I am in no position to confirm if this is still the case for the Most Rev. Tutu, I have little hesitation in admitting that this is not the situation that...

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Lesbian Love as Vocation: My Journey as a Roman Catholic Lesbian

27 Feb 2019

I cannot tell you the moment I decided to first identify as or tell people that I am a lesbian, but I distinctly remember the moment I “realised” I was called to love women as well as men (or so I thought. This later turned out to be “rather than men”!). For a lot of people such an epiphany...

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Learning To Be My Whole Self

20 Feb 2019

I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember. In late 2014 I figured out I was part of the LGBT+ community, too. For a long time, especially whilst I was still figuring out exactly who I was, these two identities were very much separated in my mind. Having grown up in a traditional Church...

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Mud and Wonder: Walking the Pilgrim's Way

13 Feb 2019

On the 24th March 2018, I found myself standing with my bare feet caked in gooey mud, in the middle of a vast plain of sand and mudflats, following a straight line of wooden poles stretching far into the distance. I was halfway across the Pilgrim’s Way, stretching between the coast of...

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Seeing Is (Not Always) Believing: Reflections From Pilgrimage

7 Feb 2019

The Oxford Living Dictionaries list three meanings for ‘pilgrimage’. I would like to share some musings on what pilgrimage means to me and the lessons I have learnt from my pilgrim travels.

I have made many pilgrimages...

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Rach's Reflection: Every Walk a Pilgrimage?

7 Feb 2019

It might surprise you that until about three years ago I wasn't a walker. I didn't learn till I was 19 months old, 'cos crawling was where it was at, and when I left home my family delighted in going on a walking holiday without me to hold them back. I'm not saying I couldn't walk, more that I...

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Why I Walk

1 Feb 2019

I grew up in a Free Church tradition. I attended a Baptist Church at home and when I went to university I found the SCM-affiliated Methodist Society, and through it St Paul’s Methodist Church where I was later baptised. Despite that, this year will be my sixth participating in Student Cross, a ...

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A Reflection on Refreshment

31 Jan 2019

Do you remember being a child and demanding a cup of water? I used to act like I would drop dead without a drink, then when I was finally given some I would consume it like some sort of desert hermit refreshing themselves at an oasis. Think about ‘refreshment’ for yourself. Does it conjure up...

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Emilia's 130 Challenge

17 Jan 2019
The Student Christian Movement means a lot to me. I've only been involved in SCM for just under a year, yet it already feels like a place I can call home; it's a group of people who understand me and share similar views, who I don't have to explain things to or hide my religion from, and it...
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Refreshing Commitments: Resolutions

15 Jan 2019

I’d reached the top of the hill at Glasgow Necropolis and, looking out over the city, I stood for a while thinking about all the exciting and sometimes stressful things I’d be doing with SCM in 2019. One of the bigger challenges I’ll be facing is a 130 mile walk from Glasgow to Iona as my...

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