Reflections and Stories

Rach's Reflections - Everybody's changing

5 Mar 2018

In my 18 months with SCM nothing has stayed static. On my first day, I was told everything we thought we knew about my office in Manchester was up on the air. Eighteen months later I've had a number of different desks and shared offices with none, one or seven people, and now I have moved out of...

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Created and Formed

22 Feb 2018

There’s a picture on my fridge that I both love and hate looking at every time I go to my kitchen. It’s a drawing done for me by a member of my then church on the occasion of my confirmation, featuring a rainbow and the latter part of Isaiah 43:1 –

Fear not, for I have...

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Prayers Are Not Enough

16 Feb 2018

I suppose we all have some feelings about the recent mass shooting in Florida, from anger and sadness to frustration and disbelief.  There has been much discussion about the incident on social media, and what I have found so...

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Rach's Reflections - The First (Student) Sunday of Lent

14 Feb 2018

As Easter moves each year we always get a different set of dates that fit each significant day. I think there is something meaningful about Ash Wednesday clashing with Valentine’s Day and Easter Sunday falling on April Fool’s Day this year, but that is a blog for another day – maybe in 40 days...

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Why You Should Stand For General Council!

7 Feb 2018
"My time on General Council has helped me grow personally and professionally, and given me the opportunity to take a lead on the direction of SCM. One of the things I love most about SCM is that we are not an organisation or an institution – we are a movement, a collective of students who make...
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Rach's Reflections - Our Little Boats

5 Feb 2018

Have you ever felt like you are just a small boat in a huge ocean? Like whatever you do isn’t going to make much of a difference? I often feel like that. The North West is so vast and I am only one person.

Last Friday, Simon (SCM’s National Coordinator) and I joined Student Workers and...

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Time to Talk Day 2018: A Christian Perspective

31 Jan 2018

We now live in a society where talking about mental health is a lot easier than it was. Increasingly we are seeing celebrities and even members of the Royal Family talking about times when they’ve experienced suffering, pain, or distress. People no longer need to fear being immediately locked...

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4 Top Reasons Why You Don’t Need a New Year’s Resolution

5 Jan 2018

Here are my top 4 reasons you don’t need a New Year’s Resolution.

1. It’s still Christmas.

Capitalism has shifted the focus of Christmas to a single day with lots of presents, family and turkey (followed by Sales shopping). Traditionally in the run-up to Christmas, Christians would...

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Rach's Reflections - So That

4 Jan 2018

Behind the scenes at SCM at the moment we are trying to work out who or what we are. Don't worry, we are not going to stop being a movement of Christian students that care about deepening faith and putting that faith into action in diverse and inclusive communities! What we are trying to do is...

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Rach's Reflections - My Little Jar of Advent

18 Dec 2017

This year, for the first time ever, I've not had a chocolate Advent calendar. I actually thought that I might go without anything this year; I'd looked at the different charity options, the "think, pray and act" sort of things, and seen the "take a photo everyday" style but had not found...

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