Student Life

How To Make Your Uni Room Inspire Thought, Reflection and Comfort

28 Sep 2023

Many of you will just have moved, or be about to move into, your university accommodation. Whether you’re returning to a bedroom you have stayed in before, or moving into a completely new one, it is important that this space is somewhere you can be reflective and comfortable to continue working...

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What Do You Mean I Have To Find a New Church?

19 Sep 2023

Going to university is full of a lot of ‘firsts’: moving away from home, owning saucepans, discovering TurnItIn and remembering to buy toilet rolls. It is also the first chance, for many, to choose which church they are going to attend. The deciding factor for where I went as a child was: is...

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In defence of “rip-off” degrees and those who study them

25 Jul 2023

From the Prime Minister who last year diagnosed universities as places “full of people who don’t vote for us” came this week an entirely unrelated announcement that, apparently, too many people are going...

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Dealing with Overwhelm

12 Apr 2022

SCMers in the West Midlands share some of the ways they deal with overwhelm. 

Find the balance

"Finding the balance between noticing when I'm overthinking but also letting myself work out what it is that is stressing me out. I find that naming it helps."

Reach out to...

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Reflection: How lockdown brought SCM members together

21 Mar 2021

The coronavirus lockdown measures announced by the Government urged members of the public to stay at home unless absolutely necessary, prohibiting large gatherings. Having previously headed a local SCM group for two years, I found the prospect of being forced to cancel our exciting schedule for...

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Sending Your Students Well

23 Jul 2020

When you buy an SCM Gift Membership for a student the excitement and anticipation of the welcome pack and the years to come with SCM will (hopefully!) be a joy and delight to them, but in case you want to bless them even further here are a few ideas!

Make a Prayer Hamper 


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Purpose Lost

4 Jun 2020

It all started a few weeks ago when I was leading my team through a critical time. Like most charities and organisations, my colleagues and I at Church of England - Birmingham, had been responding to the COVID-19 crisis. All of us were trying to take in the constant waves of new information,...

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We’ll Meet Again: The Grief of Uncertain Endings

4 Jun 2020

Many of us will have seen Legally Blonde, where the graduation ceremony is the happily-ever-after ending that closes the film. We are continually sold this idyllic promise that our time at university will end with a triumphant graduation ceremony; yet the reality is more complex than it...

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Comparison is the Thief of Grief

4 Jun 2020

“Don’t stress mate. At least you had some wine.”

I have a memory from my temperamental mid-teens, of sitting on a park bench sobbing about a row I’d had with a school friend. An older gentleman, passing by with his dog, stopped for a moment and said “cheer up love, it could be worse”,...

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Resources for Worried People

17 Mar 2020

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious in these uncertain times, as many of us are, we hope this collection of prayers and spiritual resources will be of some comfort. If you have a poem, prayer or resource that is helping you in this time please feel free to share it in the comments!

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